In the Japanese prefecture of Ishikawa fish kills. Video


15.06.11.S surface Asano River caught 10,000 salmon carcasses. The region is located hundreds of miles from a nuclear power plant "Fukushima". Experts are trying to understand whether the incident is related to the accident at the plant.

Japanese police have another catch. In the three months after the tsunami, they found on the coast of the affected areas more than 12 million dollars. Most of the money was kept in the home safe and unharmed. Almost all owners have already found the cash. Money returned to them. A coastal waters clean and Japanese fishermen. Networks from the bottom they catch debris.
Something that can be used to restore, send the builders, the rest being taken for recycling. Cleaning fishermen engaged in voluntarily. In addition, because of accumulated debris on the bottom fishing was impossible.

Source: Channel Five

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