In the Khabarovsk region overflowing rivers. Video


27.06.11.Po to MOE River Chorus has begun lowering the water level. However, the population of the district Lazo distress. Flooded yards and gardens, dying the next harvest and household goods, and children's camps were evacuated. Local residents put forward their version of what has gone wrong.

Source: Province TV

27.06.11.Iz banks already operating Cours Tunguska Kyi. Evakuatsiya.Segodnya is taken 150 children and 25 staff cottage camp "Militia Bonivur."

Water is still far away, but the local authorities have decided to err on holiday transferred to another camp, closer to the city … Flood was caused heavy precipitation. In several villages flooded homes, washed away 200 meters of road.

Kamaz residents drive up food. Along the embankment water pumped large pumps. However, fields, grasslands and pastures are flooded, and the crop at risk.

Source: Channel Five

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