In the Kharkiv region in the pond all the fish died


20.04.11.Na brink of ecological disaster. In Bliznyukovskom near Kharkiv region in the pond all the fish died — one hundred tons of silver carp and grass carp. This is because of impurities that resets "Water," said the tenant of the reservoir. The enterprise does not admit guilt.

Continue — Svetlana Shekera. The waves beat the shore all the new big fish carcasses. Tolstolob, carp, catfish, roach and carp. Fish surfaced when the ice came. Most of the — already dismantled. In other words, collected into piles and burned. Total — about a hundred tons.

Yuri Batrachenko — ten years renting the pond — in the fish kill blamed "Water." The company dumps here — its waste. Yuri Batrachenko, tenant pond: — The examination showed that all the rules exceed permissible — Riot police in more than 60 times, the dry residue in 20-something times.

Well, all of the excess is very, very big. Such a range of elevations is not possible in nature to create. Residents also complain Uplatnogo: near the pond — not breathe. Speak — afraid to display livestock to drink. Michael Shcherbina, resident. Uplatnoe: — There generally Bulo bіle TAKE canvas.

Well, yak dairy, Chi God yogo value. I. vonіzm was terrible. Also — there i cows graze. Hto value. Scary i vipuskat їh tudi. People are not sure — can you drink water from wells. Although the choice is simple — do not. Svetlana Shekera correspondent: — From the pond down there, water is replenished river Ternovka.

Then she falls in Samara — a tributary of the Dnieper. And then — along with its contents — right in the running water. The enterprise documents show the 72-year. Chief Engineer proves — on securities pond do not! The huge reservoir is listed as a beam.

The fact that the wastewater discharged in the "Vodokanal" does not deny. And I tell — they do not threaten ecology. Sergei Buleev, chief engineer, "Vine-Water Canal": — exceeding the maximum permissible limits for hazardous substances to the death of fish, which led to the death of fish, from the water utility was not.

We throw it away into the gorge. According to the requirements of our project documentation. Who's there decided to breed fish, I do not know. Now investigating the incident involved the Environmental Inspectorate. Igor Voronyuk, deputy head of the State Ecological Inspectorate in Kharkiv region: — Presumably, that was huge emissions of wastewater treatment facilities.

Now the main task of inspection to keep on controlling emissions, with treatment and what comes from that reservoir. The final point, who is to blame for the death of fish, is to deliver inter-district prosecutor. Tenant pond to Sue "Vodokanal".

Like, it's not the fish. If discharges do not stop — a few years become the pond into the gutter. Svetlana Shekera, Alexander Yanovsky, "Details". TV channel "Inter"


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