In the Kirov region began to die en masse rabbits


25.10.12.V Vyatskiye Glades began mass die rabbits. Local veterinarians suspect that the massive marine animals involves gemorrologicheskoy viral disease, mortality from which reaches one hundred percent of the medication from her yet.

— We have identified three foci. In one, killing 20, another 48, and the third sector about two hundred rabbits — said "Komsomolskaya Pravda" veterinarian veterinary station Vyatskiye Polian Elena Kalinina.

According to Elena Alexandrovna, rabbit epidemic — a dangerous disease, although in humans and other animals, it has no effect. The danger is that the virus that spreads very rapidly, and the incubation period of the disease lasts only 72 hours. However, no evidence of disease in rabbits can not be seen externally. They die suddenly, and if the population was infected one, the death of all.

— In case of death of the rabbits to be burned. And disposal are subject to the skins of animals and cells in which they were held, — says Elena Kalinina.

The only way to prevent the loss of long-eared pets — it is their vaccination. One injection costs about 10 rubles. By the way, in case of mass death in rabbits Vyatskiye Glades is not the first. In March of this virus in the area had to completely stop the activity is one of the peasant farmers.

Igor Solovyov (Kirov)

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