In the Kuban eliminate consequences of heavy rain. Video


23.05.12.Na Kuban brigade rescuers eliminate the consequences of heavy rain, which hit the region yesterday. As a result of rampant elements and floods were flooded five villages. Affected houses and roads, water washed away the crops in the fields.

Meanwhile, forecasters warned of new strong rains. All emergency services in the region are on high alert. From the PE report Shaguzhevoy Saida.

Zoe Moskalenko still can not get over it. Her house stoked before, but it tells a woman, for the first time. Downpour was so strong that in a few minutes the water gushing from the street directly into the house. Save from the elements do not have a lot, most importantly, says Zoya themselves saved.

Zoe Moskalenko:
— I went here on a belt in the yard, it was hard, we, of course, ran away, but to get away-it was nowhere.

In Farm Sweet flooded several streets. But even those who have no water got into the house, lucky not name. Element has left them without a harvest, washing away all seedlings and shoots. But retiree James Zamikulo more worries about dead poultry.

Jacob Zamikula:
— And here is raining, the flood was claimed Utey 7 pieces, 9 pieces of chickens. That were out there at the top, where they stayed.

Labinsk area torrential rain raged just over an hour. During this time there fell almost monthly rainfall. The water was not only the household and kitchen gardens.

Said Shaguzheva correspondent:
— This site boundary road Labinsk — Thrust just a few hours ago, was completely flooded. Drainage pipe to handle the flow that came from the fields. Part of the road just collapsed.

Road builders have transgressed to recovery. While closed one lane. But during the repair site may at some time have to close completely. The damage caused by the elements, only to be calculated.

Victor Plaksin head of civil defense and emergencies on Labinsk area:
— Of the shower was flooded 4 settlements, a total of 40 households, the water came in six households, one household is completely destroyed.

Now restoration work carried out in 5 towns Labinsk area. 2 more injured in the village Kurganinsk area. And in Armavir car was under water tunnel. Utility services worked through the night. But to address the consequences of natural disasters may require more than one day.

Said Shaguzheva Ivan Grishin. "TV Center". Krasnodar Krai.

Source: TV Center Moscow

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