In the night sky will be a parade of four planets

At night, May 11 just four planets — Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury — will gather in tight group over the eastern side of the horizon. The distance between Venus and Jupiter will be only 0.6 degrees.

This week, Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury in Pisces there are low on the eastern horizon just before dawn, creating every time a new "pattern". Morning, Venus, Jupiter and Mercury will come together particularly closely. Not far away, at a distance of about seven degrees will see Mars. This is the closest convergence of bright planets of the century.

True, the watch with the naked eye can only residents of the Southern Hemisphere. North of the equator wishing to admire the parade of planets will have to use binoculars, and better telescope. Astrologers warn: 1 and May 7, 2011 we will witness a parade of two planets. May 1 will unique conjunction of Mars, Jupiter, Mercury, Venus and the Moon in the sign of Pisces. A May 7 will be another parade of planets: the four brightest planets — Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Mercury — will come together in the sign of Aries. The parade usually causes events conforming to that which is a group of planets. This time they focus in Pisces, and then in Aries — the 12th and the 1st signs of the zodiacal circle. This suggests that the energy of the cosmos moves into Aries — it marks a major upgrade, the beginning of some new, revolutionary processes, ideas and feelings in obschestve.Pri this cluster of planets in Aries will be in opposition to Saturn in Libra. It will give particular urgency of the situation as a confrontation of man and of the individual and age-old traditions of individual will and strict orders. Energy parade of planets spring 2011 in various degrees feel each. It will be a good time for bold ideas, individual activity — the very "big time" when everyone can express their "me."


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