In the Northern Hemisphere tropical cyclones intensified

In May, tropical cyclones
in the Atlantic are rare: 1 time in 10 years. And this case occurred in 2012. Tropical storm named "Alberto" was formed on May 19 off the coast of Florida, and lasted until the end of the day on May 22. High speed wind his system is 23 m / s.

It was feared that cyclone touches the coast of the U.S., but on the eve of the trajectory of his shift changed cyclone moved to the east, hitting the waters of the ocean with cool water, he quickly filled. In the north-eastern Pacific tropical cyclones
May occur once every two years. This year, too, and here tradition broken: in May, there was the second tropical storm. This second storm was "Bad", formed to the west of the Mexican peninsula. Currently, the rate wind in center of the cyclone
does not exceed 20-23 m / s. Shifted to the north-east at a speed of 40 km / h. Its maximum development sinoptiki expected in a few days, when the rate wind reach 33 m / s.The second one in this season became a typhoon "Sanwa" in the north-west Pacific. He came to the west of the Mariana Islands. Speed wind
it reaches 30 m / s, and in the coming hours will increase to 33 m / s. It is expected that by the end of the week the rate may reach 40 m / s. Typhoon moves north at a speed of 5 km / h, and is projected threatens no one.


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