In the Siberian lake caught the crocodile

In Khakassia on the resort lake Shira rescuers caught the crocodile. Adult male fled from his master, who holds a small business in Khakassia lakes. Men are encouraged to relax on the beach to be photographed with the reptile. During one of these photo shoots alligator broke down and swam away. The details — the correspondent of Radio "Vesti FM" in Khakassia Irina Kolesnikova.

A curious incident occurred in one of the lakes of Khakassia. Shira Lake — a favorite place as inhabitants of Khakassia and Krasnoyarsk Krai. In the summer of rest here, thousands of people: families with children, young people, older people, because of the Shire has healing properties: the water in the lake is a little salty.

Earn extra money from tourists decided newcomer photographer: a man brought to the beach crocodile. Wishing to be photographed with the reptile found sufficient. But during one of these shoots crocodile disappeared. "It turned out that he had just sailed," — said the head of the South Siberian search and rescue team, Peter Stolbun Russian Emergencies Ministry.

"Photographer tried to catch it yourself. Did not happen. Then he turned to the rescue — said Stolbun. — Well, boys quickly jumped into the motor boat, caught the crocodile. Okay, that on the face of it was a loop, so he went to the deep" . Crocodile twist it, loaded the boat, and then gave the photographer.

Rescue workers say that they had to catch not only the crocodile. There have been cases that experts catch bears, lynxes, parrots and even poisonous snakes. Fortunately, it has never not lead to tragic consequences. According to Peter Stolbunov, this time to panic at the beach was not there, but there was a joke that soon brought Shira behemoth.

"Well, we hope that the behemoth will be. Was a slight surprise to the people who went for a catamaran. Imagine: katishsya quietly on a catamaran, and suddenly, in the Shire by your crocodile swims. Clearly, people are starting to rub her eyes glitches or not" — said Stolbun.

Tourists relaxing at the beach, a different attitude to the incident. Someone laughed, someone scared. But careless photographer once again reminded that leave your belongings unattended — not. Especially when it comes to live crocodile.

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