In the streets of Australia’s sharks


16.01.11.Akuly were seen along the main street during floods in the Australian city Gudna Queensland. Two sharks, which are among those species that attack people seen by local residents. On Thursday it was reported that one of these predators is floating on the streets Vrisbana.

Sharks prefer shallow water and can be in fresh water. They often fall into the river in search of food. Meanwhile, it was reported that the Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd has received medical treatment at a hospital after infected leg, which hurt, helping to evacuate people from Vrisbana Thursday. New floods swept South Australia, where flooded more than 30 cities.

Nearly 3,000 people from villages in the state of Victoria were forced to leave their homes after the water level rose to record levels. Several villages in northern New South Wales have been cut off from the world, blocking nearly 6,000 people. In Queensland, the search for 15 people still missing. 16 bodies found so far.

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