In the Trans-Baikal Territory outbreak of FMD


22.03.11.Gosudarstvennaya Veterinary Service Trans-Baikal region was confirmed outbreaks of foot and mouth disease in domestic animals in the village of Ust-Imalka Onon district.

The preliminary diagnosis was obtained on March 14, the animals were taken tests sent to All-Russian Research Institute for Animal Vladimir, where confirmed and typed the virus, reported March 22 in the press service of the governor.

At present, the village quarantined, preparing documents on restrictive measures.

Just Ust Imalke has 1518 cattle, 2865 sheep, 73 pigs. 117 sick cattle (3 already recovered), one pig. Death of animals registered.

All the animals have been vaccinated against foot-and is currently being re-vaccination. Preliminary cause of the outbreak identified wild antelope gazelle migrating between Russia and Mongolia.

The village Conducts all quarantine measures, including restricting the entry and disinfection. On Tuesday, the place will come the All-Russian Research Institute of specialist Vladimir, who will be in place to provide veterinary advice and practical help, said the spokesman.

RIA "Siberia"

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