In the Turkish province of Van again earthquake death toll has risen to 40, rescue work is done

Rescuers search for survivors in Turkey stopped after the earthquake.

Rescuers search for survivors in Turkey stopped after a magnitude 5.7 earthquake that occurred in the city of Van in the south-east of the country, reports the BBC BBC.

According to official data, the aftershocks, at least 39 people were killed: among them were the rescuers who arrived on the scene earlier, to help victims of the earthquake that hit the region last month.

Recall, on November 9 this year in eastern Turkey was recorded earthquake of magnitude 5.7. In g.Edremit hit at least 25 buildings, most of which are empty (people were evacuated after the October earthquake, magnitude 7.2).

23 October 2011. in the province of Van earthquake with magnitude 7.2 tremors were recorded in 30 km from its administrative center — g.Van. After that, during the day in the region continued aftershocks of magnitude 5.1 and 6.1. Killed more than 600 people and injured more than 4 thousand a result of the disaster was destroyed two thousand 262 buildings.

Turkey is located in a seismically active zone, and earthquakes, which often lead to loss of life, here quite regularly. The most powerful oscillations of the earth's crust in the country were reported in 1999. in the Sea of Marmara. Magnitude quake was 7.4 then, during the earthquake killed about 18 thousand people.

Death toll in Turkey earthquake rises 2 to 40, and severe winter weather arrives $ CUT $

MOSCOW, November 13. The number of victims of the earthquake in Turkey's Van province on Wednesday has risen to 40 people.

According to France Presse, after the second earthquake rescuers recovered alive from the rubble 30.

Local authorities say that at present the chances of finding survivors under the destroyed buildings are very small.

Add that on the eve of the Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited several towns in the province of Van, which are most affected by the disaster. Erdogan said that soon the authorities intend to repair or completely rebuild about 5 million housing units across the country.

Earthquake of magnitude 5.6 occurred on November 9 in the south-east of Turkey. As a result, destroyed 25 buildings, including two hotels. In 22 homes nobody lived. Most people were killed by the collapse of the hotel "Bayram", where about 70 people, including representatives of the Turkish Red Cross and journalists.

October 23 in the province of Van earthquake with magnitude of 7.2. It was the most devastating natural disaster in the country in recent years. In the area of disaster destroyed more than two million homes. Victims of the earthquake were more than 600 people. More than four thousand people were injured.

Seismologists do not exclude that aftershocks in the south-east of the country will continue for a few months.

The number of victims in Turkey has risen to 38. Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan visited the city Ercis, where thousands of survivors of an earthquake of magnitude 7.2, are still living in tents, despite the fact that the snow blanketed the region. 604 people died. About 1,400 aftershocks rolled through the region, from the initial earthquake in October. Source: CTV

The earthquake in Turkey's Van province killed 30 people, under the ruins of the last four-storey hotel "Bayram" on Saturday night was exhumed body correspondent of "Dogan" Cem Emir. $ CUT $

According to the channel CNN-Turk, rescue operations at the site of the earthquake on Saturday morning were stopped, RIA "Novosti".

According to the newspaper VIEW, November 10, in the Turkish province of Van was a powerful earthquake in southeast Turkey.

From the quake destroyed more than 20 buildings, including two hotels, the debris is a lot of people, the Turkish TV channels. Initially passed on the three victims.

At least 19 people, according to recent data, were killed in the earthquake, which occurred on Wednesday in the Turkish province of Van, said on Friday Turkish rescue teams. $ CUT $

Previously reported 12 casualties, but over the last few hours rescuers found under the rubble of several dead bodies.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.6 occurred late Wednesday, with its epicenter near Edremit about 15 km from the border with the province of Van. Earlier, on October 23, the region was even more devastating earthquake that killed more than 600 people.


Turkish rescue efforts in the province of Van, as it turned out, in this case, did not help. Rescued from the rubble of the destroyed by an earthquake at a Japanese doctor Atsushi Miyazaki later died in hospital. Miyazaki came to Turkey to help the victims of the earthquake in the province last October 23.

Thus, the death toll from the disaster of the new Wednesday night is, for the moment, at least 10 people. Quake destroyed 25 buildings, fortunately, 22 of them were unoccupied or were not populated. So far managed to rescue 27 people. Most of them lived in the hotel, where the last two weeks were placed

staff of the Turkish branch of the Red Crescent, and journalists.

The epicenter was located in the county Edremit. In a previous disaster in late October in Van province killed more than 600 people. Meanwhile, residents Wang took to the streets demanding the resignation of the local governor. The protesters said that they have to live in potentially dangerous homes. Clashed with police.

ru.euronews.netAt least 18 buildings destroyed by the quake, which occurred on Wednesday night, 16 km from the city of Van in eastern Turkey, reports Reuters.According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the magnitude of the earthquake was 5.7.Among the other buildings destroyed two hotels and office center, state television reported Turkey. Another TV channel reported that one of the hotels lived journalists and aid workers who came to the van after a previous earthquake, reports Associated Press. At the scene a lifeguard.People ran in panic in the streets. Data on injuries were reported. Seismologists do not preclude recurrence of tremors, reports RIA "Novosti".A powerful earthquake in the Turkish province of Van in late October, its reverberations were felt in Armenia, Georgia and Iran. According to the latest reports, the earthquake killed nearly 600 people. Reuters

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