In the U.S. — a hurricane and fires in Australia — rainfall and heat

In the U.S., after a severe storm about three million people without electricity. Hit the city in several states, including the capital city of Washington. As a result of the disaster killed 22 people.

According to the energy companies, emergency crews working around the clock, but can fully restore power until the end of this week. The situation in the affected areas is exacerbated intense heat: the thermometer rose above 40 degrees Celsius. In addition, the roads are still lying in fallen trees. Impede vehicular traffic and broken traffic lights. In Colorado, continuing a strong fire. Already destroyed more than 7,000 hectares of forest, two people were killed and more than three thousand evacuated several hundred homes completely burned. According to firefighters, while coping with the ignition fails. Now Colorado rescuers arrive from other states. The situation is also aggravated the hot weather and strong winds, causing the fire spread very quickly.
Suffer from extreme weather and people of Austria. In the west of the country does not stop heavy rain, many streets were flooded, rose car traffic. Authorities fear of landslides, lifeguards monitor the situation from the helicopters.In the eastern part of Austria has a heat wave. The air temperature is so high that the road began to melt asphalt, dozens of residents were hospitalized with heat stroke.

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