In the U.S., an amateur astronomer photographed bridge over a spot on the Sun

The length of this education the diameter of the Earth almost twice

Amateur astronomer from the U.S. Howard Eskildsen photographed unusual phenomenon on the sun — light "bridge" from one of the sunspots. The length of this formation is about 20,000 miles, which is almost twice the diameter of Earth (12.7 thousand kilometers).

As pereadet RIA Novosti, photo taken at home Observatory astronomer in Florida. "The Bridge" crosses the sunspot number in 1236 right in the middle.

Astronomers still find it difficult to say for what reason on sunspots emerge such education. We only know that they often appear before the spot is divided in two. Since there is evidence that the processes in magnetic fields, leading to the appearance of bridges similar to the processes that generate powerful solar flare, we can assume h soon spot in 1236 split, or the sun will power flash.

Sunspots are relatively dark and cold regions on the surface of the star. They occur in places where the surface of the light output powerful magnetic fields that interfere with normal plasma exchange between the outer and inner layers of the star. Such areas are cooled, which explains the darkening of the visible surface of the sun in these areas.


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