In the U.S., created a map of the country's global warming

Today no surprise the accuracy with which scientists calculate the rate of change in global temperature.

It has long been estimated, where and how it has changed over the years. However, American researchers have been able to excel. Information about how the temperature has changed in the U.S. over the past 100 years it was not enough. Scientists estimate that global warming, despite its name, affects different states in different ways, and decided to create a "full-time on the" map of temperature change. The researchers were able to create a map on which each of the states observed in various shades of red, symbolizing the rate of temperature increase in the last 42 years. Period was chosen because it is the beginning of the 70's temperature rise has accelerated, and from that time the interstate was possible to catch the subtle differences. Champion of "heating" was Arizona, and the slowest "heated up" staff announced Florida. Scientists have explained the differences between the states a number of physical and geographical factors, but environmentalists have traced one important rule: in states where authorities develop and respect environmental laws warming rates are lower than in neighboring ones. Apparently, the next step of the research team will be the rankings of cities, and, perhaps, even the streets.


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