In the Urals again raging fires, and authorities again deny


17.05.11.V Sverdlovsk region continues to rage wildfires. Thus, according to pictures taken from the satellite, and the data to map «Google Earth» and is updated every few hours, the region is probably the leader in the number of natural fires.

In particular, fixed fire areas near the Ural capital near the village Koltsovo under Pervouralsky, near the villages of Cedar and Olkhovka, near rivers and Sosva Lobva in Taborinskom area under Gornouralskom, near the village Shogrinskoe Artemovsky urban district as well as in Rezh Serov and urban districts. And just today along Cossacks NP "Ural Cossacks," joined forces with local volunteers, put out a big forest fire near Degtyarsk. To struggle with the elements it took more than 8 hours.

"We now operate two natural fires that are already located: near the village Morozkovo, where the area of combustion — 6 acres, and near the village Podgarnichny — burning area of 20 hectares. It is, as of 16 pm today. In the fire involved 11 vehicles and 47 people, including personnel of Serov forestry, land tenants and members of the All-Russian Voluntary Fire Society ", — the head of our Agency Civil Protection Serov Yuri Gerasimenko.

In turn, the Head of the Civil Defense and Emergencies Rezh urban district Dmitry Kavkaykin said that in his district there are two forest fire, but was quick to assure that they too are already localized and settlements is not threatened. Correspondent «URA.Ru» literally had to "torture" for the head, where it is and that is lit. As a result, he said only one source of fire, "Lights in Ozernovo forestry. Fire area is 80 ha day before yesterday, about 40 ", — he said. But the question of how many hectares off today and did not answer, again saying that everything is localized.

As for the nature reserves of the Sverdlovsk and there until everything is calm. "We have around all dry, and the grass on the reserve still damp," — said «URA.Ru» Director of "Denezhkin stone" Anna Kvashnin.

In general, according to the main emergency department in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia in the region at this time recorded 28 wildfires on an area of 460 hectares. They involve putting one thousand 249 people. Among them: the foresters, Emergency Situations Ministry, the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Railways. Also used 390 pieces of equipment and one train.
Meanwhile, the chairman of the board of trustees "City Without Drugs" Yevgeny Roizman, concerned that the number of fires is increasing, and in the hope that last year's fire history will not be repeated, is ready to send a detachment of the fire rehabilitants fund, which last year had already taken active part in the struggle with the elements. "Last year, we have learned a lot, and if necessary, ready to run for the elimination of fires," — he said, adding that the squad is well prepared and equipped with: sawmill equipment, fire extinguishers and other man-pack attributes.

Last year, fires have become a real national disaster for Russia. Moreover, in the Sverdlovsk region most problematic in this respect were just north of the region, where the village burned to Vijay, the fire threatened the village Bayanovka, to pick up to a distance of 1 kilometer, and village-Vsevolodo Blagodatsky (was 8 kilometers away from the village). Seriously injured and two of the largest nature reserve, also located in the north of the region: "Denezhkin Stone" and "Visim."

According to reports, which come from different areas of the Urals, the official data on fires significantly differ from the observations of witnesses, and sometimes not at all well-known centers of stew. Let's try to control what is happening. If you are driving to the Urals (not just the Sverdlovsk region), or know of any fires next to your places, be sure to report it in the comments to this news (other than a call to FEMA). Indicates the location of fire and smoke (kilometer route, geographical coordinates, the direction of landmarks and towns). Report on the action or inaction of the authorities and the Ministry of Emergency Situations, self-organization of local residents. Tell me, if you need help of volunteers. We will try to merge the data into the big picture and the daily report on how the situation with fires in our region.

Eugene Markin

News Service «URA.Ru»

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