In the Volga fish dying en masse. Video


18.08.11.Zhiteli Volgograd in recent months was seriously concerned about the environmental state of the Volga. Increasingly, vacationers began to see that the river is literally littered with dead fish. Mainly, as the experts, goldfish dies. What is the reason the massive fish kills?

Photos, which show carcasses of dead fish made by residents of Volgograd. For several weeks, a similar pattern was observed dozens of citizens who travel on the Volga beaches. Kill fish, according to fishery biologists, led a range of reasons. Mostly — it is a consequence very short flood. The water is only slightly flooded Volga-Akhtuba floodplain and has retreated in early June. The remaining birds in the river goldfish could pass only the upstream to the Volga Hydroelectric Power Station. The fish is exhausted, beating on the concrete slabs and dies. This version is confirmed by scientists and environmental prosecutors.
Maxim Makashov and. about. Volgograd Interdistrict Environmental Prosecutor: "We agree with ichthyologists. We were given water sample. Water meets the conditions for fishery ponds. Therefore, the perpetrators or in direct violation of this situation, we do not see. "
Fortunately, in this case, there were no problems associated with chemical or industrial pollution of the Volga.
In addition, there is another important cause of death. On exhaustion of goldfish become infected. Aeromonosis — a specific disease of carp, other fish, it is not threatened.
On whether people somehow try to remedy this situation, we asked an expert.
Sergei Yakovlev, chief ichthyologist FGBU "Nizhnevolzhrybvod": "How can a man have an impact? We talked about this constantly and write, and speak in different conferences. This was discussed in the spring at the expanded session of the Duma. Necessary to bring to the natural spring flood regime. And here are just some people can react. Make work more environmentally friendly hydropower, more close to the natural regime. "
Thus, the release of dead fish on the shore occurs annually. True, earlier this phenomenon was not of such a large scale.

Source: STRC Volgograd TRV

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