In the waters of Kherson region killed fish


23.05.11.Inspektory "Hersonryboohrany" in the period from 16 to 20 May recorded several cases of death of fish in the bays Kakhovka Reservoir, river Ingulets and in the lower reaches of the Dnieper.

This was reported by the State Administration of Environmental Protection in Kherson region.

According to the report, the death of carp and carp observed in Osokrovskom, Gavrilovskie, Dudchanskom, Melovskom, Republican bays Kakhovka reservoir. In these bays rybinspektory found for 3 — 5 dead fish. On May 20 at inspection Dremaylovskogo Bay Reservoir discovered 23 dead carp.

At the same time, in the open Kakhovka Reservoir fish kill was observed.

In addition, the death of fish is fixed at the bottom of Ingulets, rivers and Koshevaya Hola Prystan Conca, and the lakes in the lower reaches of the Dnieper. In these there was the death of carp ponds (3 to 10 fish of 40 — 60 cm) and single copies of carp.

The fish was white and bad breath.

Now establishing the cause of death of fish.

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