In the waters of Udmurtia mass fish die



5.03.11.V Karakulino lakes area perch and rudd suffocate under the ice. Local fish farmers this year banned the artificial aeration basins.

On the mass death of fish in the newspaper "Center" Report of one of the largest fish in Udmurtia enterprises. In Karakulino area SUE Rybhoz "Kama" produces fish in the so-called neshnurovannyh lakes — reservoirs, which are formed as a result of spills Kama. The water is stagnant. Winter due to rotting of aquatic vegetation, it is saturated with hydrogen sulphide, and the fish starts to choke.

— This situation every year, but we used artificial aeration was conducted in the lakes — the director SUE Rybhoz "Kama" Gregory Trifonov. — Anglers cut lanes and wells, and the nets aerated water. Thus did the oxygen in the water and the fish normally felt. Fish caught was a trade, young we release into the river Kama.

In the same year, according to Gregory Trifonov, fisheries protection forbidden to hold such events.

— What works better if all the fish will die and no one will get? — Outraged director of the fish farm. — What are we to conservation, if they do not do anything to save the fish, and we do not give?

In Ryboohrane questions Gregory Trifonov not respond. Deputy. Head of the Fish Protection at Udmurtia Legal Ilsur Minagulov also refused to comment on the situation.

Author: Olga Mikhailova


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