In the west of Henan hail the size of a hen's egg

June 24 in the evening in some areas in the western part of Henan Province were rare and devastating downpours. The county Sunsyan hail the size of a hen's egg. In several areas, cut off the power supply.

According to the official Chinese media, the monitoring of the meteorological station of China showed that on June 24 from 20 to 24 hours in the county Sunsyan rainfall reached 55.8 cm in some areas — 1,2 m maximum wind speed reached 24.4 m / s while on the county was hail the size of 6 cm in diameter.

June 24 at 17:50 Weather Service declared a storm warning: in six districts of the north of the Yellow River and the city of Luoyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Xuchang, Shangqiu the storm and the storm with torrential rains.

In the affected areas have been knocked down by the wind trees. At 23 o'clock in the county Sunsyan suspended electricity. A large number of heavy hail formed ice layer thickness of 3 cm

A local resident told the county Sunsyan: "At about 22:30 suddenly erupted thunder and lightning, and then followed the storm and hail, it lasted about 20 minutes, I heard heavy blows from the outside, when I went to grad, was similar to the sound of firecrackers, some hailstones were the size of a hen's egg. "

Of catastrophe, the hardest hit county Sunsyan.

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