In the west of Indonesia, floods killed 12 people

As a result of a flash flood in western Indonesia, killing at least 12 people. As representatives of the local National Agency for Disaster Preparedness, in a number of villages have been destroyed, a total of about 150 houses, reports Associated Press.

It is noted that the data for the dead are not final and may change, the number of missing persons not yet been established. In the region are conducted rescue operations.

According to the agency, the flood was caused by heavy rains in the province of Aceh, causing local river Tamyang burst its banks and flooded six villages.

In addition, on the eve of the coast of Indonesia's 6.5 magnitude earthquake. Earthquakes have been recorded at 259 km north-east of g.Denpasara on the island of Bali.

We also note that today the Indonesian weather service issued a warning of a possible tsunami in the eastern part of the archipelago after a series of powerful earthquakes in Japan.

Heavy rains in Indonesia annually cause floods and landslides. In a previous natural disaster that hit the area Teluk Vondama in West Papua province October 4, 2010., Killing 104 people

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