In Tochilina tornado swept

Deprived of shelter. In the literal sense of the word. Yesterday at Tochilina swept smerch.Zinaida Laushkina, resident Tochilina: "I went down to a strong wind, a tornado, a noise like a huge train went. There were a few seconds. 40 seconds, as I know. I saw the darkness. "

Tornado swept through the garden, looked into the house. Lifted into the air pets. Damaged walls, roofs and cars. Residents Tochilina remember last night. Tornado came from the TV tower. A few seconds passed on the street chemist. Damaging four houses, and the people went to the streets of steelmakers. The house of Alexander Mikhailovich tore slate. Damage estimates in the host 80 thousand rubles. Yegor with family was not home. As happened at once and did not believe.

Yegor peganite, resident Tochilina: "We arrived and could not believe what had happened. Look, all the debris lying around. The neighbors all came together, even an acquaintance met us here, said the massacre is complete on the street. "

Neighbor Natalie Sorudeevoy — no luck even more. Noise and came in a moment of darkness frightened three year old son, he is now with relatives in the city. The roof of their house lost metal, sometimes torn siding. Tornado left them out without power, the evening came to electricians and managers.

Natalia SORUDEEVA, resident Tochilin: "From Social Security to come. Said the documents collected. Will help, how much — I do not know. "

The last time a tornado came to the village of Metallurg, in 2009, there by the wind on the home side looked to have suffered a cowshed. Damage residents Tochilina estimated at several hundred thousand. Our interlocutors homes were not insured. Therefore affected by the rampant disaster plan together to increase the chances of damages from local authorities.

Alexander peganite, resident Tochilina: "In the administration of the Kuibyshev district did not say something specific. That they have to collect a commission to come, watch, draw up, then they will decide. Did not say anything specific. "


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