In Tokyo, the spire tower collapsed

The earthquake collapsed spire of the Tokyo tower. Tokyo tower height of 333 meters shortly delegates authority the new tower "Sky Three", the height of which upon completion will be more than 600 meters. At today's earthquake that object does not hurt.
Tokyo is currently recorded 14 strong fires at industrial and residential sites. Hit hard by the earthquake NPP "Onagawa" in Miyagi prefecture. The turbine hall of the station fire. According to local authorities, fire extinguishing fire departments involved self-defense forces.
A powerful earthquake measuring about 8.9 happened today in the northern part of Japan, according to ITAR-TASS. It caused a tsunami and threw a huge mass of water containing debris, boats and houses inland, toward the freeways.
A number of cities in the north-east of the country, which has suffered from the disaster to the maximum extent any landslides and fires, collapsed buildings and bridges. There were also a number of gas explosions at industrial enterprises.
According to the latest reports, the victims were the elements 20. However, the number of dead and injured many times can still increase. There are reports that the city of Sendai, a 10-meter wave has claimed the flow of at least 200 people. Meanwhile in Japan continue to be felt tremors.

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