In Turkey, the recorded cases of mass death of birds


10.01.11.Proizoshel another case of unexplained mass bird deaths. This time it happened in Turkey. Fall to the ground a few dozen sparrows occurred near the city of Bursa, the newspaper Milliyet.

Now engaged in the investigation of Turkish expert ornithologists. "There was something special, and we take it seriously, but we believe that there is no cause for alarm," — said the representative of the Municipality of Bursa.

Note that in the New Year's Eve around 4 thousand blackbirds dropped dead in the vicinity of the small town Biib (Arkansas) in the U.S., and later large groups of dead birds were found in Louisiana and Kentucky.

Last week, similar cases of unexplained mass deaths of birds have been recorded in Sweden and Italy.

According to the London newspaper Daily Mail, in numerous cases of mass death of birds and fish are to blame, perhaps, the drastic changes in climate and notes is increased variability in weather.


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