In Uganda, a growing number of victims of landslides

In the district of Kasese in Uganda landslide people continue to die. Over the past seven months, the number of deaths was 11. A landslide in the mountains Ruenzori caused another lengthy overnight rain for three young villagers Butalimulu was fatal. The children were not able to save time, as all members of the family while they were asleep in a room adjacent to the one wall that collapsed under the pressure of earth masses.

It is reported that in the three surrounding areas killed three others. The area Mahango destroyed 23 houses, all tenants miraculously unharmed. All local residents officially warned about the high probability of new landslides, as the rainfall over the mountainous part of Uganda is still in decline. Compounding the situation is the fact that unsustainable agricultural technologies and deforestation of the mountain forest to the needs of agriculture greatly undermined the stability and integrity of the soil, which greatly increased the risk of landslides.
In October 2011, in Uganda, there was a similar tragedy, then killed five children and destroyed several homes.
Photos: AFP


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