In Ukraine, there is a strange disease

Little-explored disease spreads in Ukraine. The first case was reported in Ternopil. Doctors can not determine the nature of the disease.

"Sensations such as if the whole body under the skin entwining one worm. It bites like a dog. So much that my eyes get out. Life turns into hell. Want or go mad or die, that this does not feel" — describes his experience 38 year old woman from the Ternopil region, which was diagnosed disease Morgelonov.

Over the past four years, the disease was diagnosed 26 patients. The only center, where do its study, is in Ternopil, Ternopil medical studies conducted Medical University — Professor Michael Andreychin Vladimir Bigunyak and Associate Professor Basil Demyanenko. Suspect that really hurt a lot more.

"The problem is that many doctors do not know about this disease. At the same time, the world has already made its spread of the epidemic — at the end of last year, there were about 12,000 cases, mostly in the southern U.S. states — California, Texas, Florida ", — said Mikhail Andreychin.

Morgelonov disease in Ternopil discovered by accident.

"During bypass the hospital saw one patient in the hands of ulcers, — said Mikhail Andreychin. — The woman said it was her worms under the skin. Doctors have indicated that the patient had mental problems, but I invited her into his office. Turned that she was sick for six years — first started to scratch the skin, followed by a festering, felt something moving under the skin, "- says the physician.

The doctors could not determine the cause of the disease and began to study in detail this case only when the professor asked Bigunyaku another patient with similar symptoms.

"I asked the patient if she can show the worms, which she was concerned. She left the room for a few minutes brought the paper dark brown fibrils. Took them out of the boil. I showed it to experts of our sanepidemstantsii, gave samples to a specialized department of parasitology in Kharkiv. Nobody could tell what it is. Eventually we started browse on the internet foreign research work and the typical signs of the disease came to the conclusion that this is Morgellons disease, "- continued Michael Andreychin.

Ternopil doctors have learned to diagnose the disease, but to determine the nature of the disease is not possible. Global science suggests that the cause of the disease is a genetically-modified organisms, uncontrolled scientific research in the field of nanotechnology, or military developments.

"Anyway, I am inclined to believe that the agent is a certain type of fungus. Perhaps it was formed in the process of mutation-induced environmental change," — said the professor.

Mushroom pest, getting into the human body, begins to multiply, forming under the skin fibers. They grow, trying to break through the skin, patients feel like there's something moving.

"Itching and pain are unbearable that patients are trying by all means to get rid of them. One patient told me that ulcers seared with a hot iron, the other — in the fire heated iron. Assures that at some time in these places, the discomfort disappeared. But then appeared on other areas. "

Diseased Morgellons — mostly middle-aged people (30-50 years), but they all have different lifestyles. Among patients truck drivers, businessmen, technicians, a doctor and a nurse.

"The fungus spreads slightly. Of the thousands of people who receive the dose, sick units. Otherwise defenses win pathogen. Why some get sick, and others — not, is difficult to say."

For treatment use antifungal, anti-inflammatory and detoxifying drugs.

"The last two patients were discharged from us healthy. But back to them if illness — hard to say. Majority of patients the disease is brought to poverty, and they can not secure a treatment — it costs about a thousand hryvnia per month. One woman we examined, not even want to go to the hospital because of a lack of money — went to work in Italy. state does not allocate funding for research and treatment of this disease, "- concluded the doctor.

After treatment, patients heal ulcers, but remain on the skin white spots or keloid scars, which do not resolve on their own, so patients have to go to a plastic surgeon.

It should be noted that the disease got its name by the name of a French family, the members of which were first observed similar symptoms. The material on this was published in the XVII century. However, given that in the next three hundred years after these cases were not described, modern scholars tend to believe that the case is not related to the disease, which is diagnosed at this time.

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