In Uzbekistan, the government plans to introduce genomic registration


26.11.12.Vlasti Uzbekistan plans to establish a national database of DNA by introducing state genomic registration, according to local information portal 12.UZ with reference to the press service of the lower chamber of the parliament of the Republic.

The work plan for the country's parliament in 2013 will include the development of the law "On the genomic registration", which establishes the legal basis for obtaining, recording and storage of biological samples from which to create the database.

Ensure the exchange and use of information from the database will be a unified information system of internal affairs of the country.

It is planned that the state genomic registration in Uzbekistan will take two forms — mandatory and voluntary. Will be subject to compulsory registration, persons convicted and imprisoned for committing grave or especially grave crimes.

"Implementation of the state genomic registration will serve as a deterrent to those convicted of a crime and, therefore, have preventive value, positive impact on the crime situation in the country", — said the spokesman.

State genomic profile — production, storage and use of biological material and it contains personal information about specific DNA fragments to identify a person's identity. In Russia, mandatory and voluntary genomic profile introduced on 1 January 2009.

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