In Volgograd resumed earthquake


28.01.11.Ocherednoy flurry of phone calls from residents hit the emergency services on Thursday evening. Residents of three areas have complained that their homes were shaking.

Volgogradians of Dzerzhinsky, Kirov and Krasnooktyabrskiy areas called from 16.30 to 18.20. They talked about the fact that their apartments on the upper floors of the rock, the committee said Civil Protection.

Recall that the first such reports appeared last fall. Then it turned out that tangible causes tremors undermine Prudboy munitions at the site.

Urban professionals, and representatives of the City Hall then appealed to the leadership of the garrison Bolgogradskogo to lower the amount of exploding ammunition. But, obviously, it did not work.

— Almost every day, such calls are received. A break except on New Year holidays and weekends. Even if the military blow up less ammo, so not much. Therefore aftershocks are still being felt, — said Victor Lysenko, head of the city committee of the notification of Civil Protection of the population.

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