In western Ukraine, the raging elements: a tornado uprooted trees and tore the wiring, hail broke windows and roofs

Bad weather mischief in western Ukraine. By Saturday morning, June 9, Perechyn district Zakarpatsya tornado swept through. At the epicenter of the elements was Turia Fast. The village was nearly empty courtyard, who would not hurt a strong wind, reports TSN.

Powerful wind swept roofs off houses, like feathers, say witnesses. Trees being uprooted in front of them. The roof was damaged at more than two hundred homes in the local church, a kindergarten and a village council.

Rain and hail damaged homes and de-energized over a dozen settlements in Galicia

"Carried the slates of the houses and tossed haphazardly. Who cars in the yard stood, destroyed them all" — said a local resident.

The hurricane tore the wire grid and left the village without electricity. Without the light were also two neighboring villages. Hail smashed windows. Hundreds more felled trees. Some fell right at home.

In Turiya Quick miracle no one was hurt. The hurricane swept through the village at dawn, when everyone was asleep and there was no one on the street. But, almost all the village was left without vegetables. "Grapes, potatoes, all-all. Trees in the garden, cherries, nuts, wheat, 20 acres, corn potatoes, 16 acres. All hail knocked down" — complains a local resident Tatiana Korbava.

Interestingly, the seven hours after the storm had not yet melted hail and hit size. Eliminate the consequences of disaster rescue more than fifty, and also calculated damage.

People in the meantime cover the roof. Slate buy their own money. Local leaders also claim that the authority will reimburse losses and forecast amounts far beyond a million. How many more people sit without electricity, officials did not specify.

A village in the Great Bereznyi wind destroyed a metal roof (area 1 sq) at a warehouse of agricultural firm "Jawornik." The wreckage of the roof by the wind drifted railway Uzhgorod Directorate Lviv Railway, the press service of the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"At 1:20 on June 10 emergency teams of the railway and the Emergency Situations Ministry units cleared the way. Railway traffic on the section of the railway station, the Great Bereznyi not stop," — said in a statement.

The situation is under control of the Emergency Situations Ministry of Territorial Administration in the Transcarpathian region.

Rain and hail damaged homes and de-energized over a dozen settlements in Galicia

On the territory of Rogatyn Ivano-Frankivsk region in 10 settlements hail partially damaged roof and windows of houses, according to the Emergencies Ministry.

In the affected areas went operational teams territorial administrations of the Emergency Situations Ministry to assist and counting the damage.

And Drogobych and Turka district, Lviv region due to severe weather conditions (heavy rain and hail), for operation of protection systems of power lines are de-energized 12 settlements.

June 9 in the evening in the St. Nicholas, and Samborski Zhydachiv areas in 14 localities hail damaged part of the roof of houses, commercial buildings and objects of social sphere.

Note meteorologists predict that the sun and thunderstorms in squall lines in the same day in the near future Ukraine guaranteed. What's next — is covered in mist. In one version of the scientists, the total number of local disasters in recent years has not increased, just the journalists were more likely to report even the smallest of its kind.


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