In Yakutia swept mystical tornado

Recently in Yakutia was rare for this republic phenomenon — a tornado. Moreover, inside the eyewitnesses saw the mysterious horsemen. Witnesses unusual ghosts were the residents of the village of Ust-Aldan Sottintsy district.

According to them, it all happened before the storm. The sky above the village dragged the dark clouds — strong wind arose, which started to drive dust. The result was a mini-tornado, one of them began moving through the village. He attracted the attention of some of the witnesses. Inside the tornado, they have distinguished some dark figure. Looking closer, the people realized that they resemble the outlines of people on horseback. And it was a small party — twenty riders who chase each other. The phenomenon was observed for as long as a tornado out of sight.

In this mysterious story has not ended. The next day the village again wind came and lifted the dust — everything was brown. Then form a tornado, and other witnesses have seen repeatedly neskolkihvsadnikov with ancient weapons, galloping on horseback. However, during this time, they were much smaller — only three. Residents in any way difficult to explain what they see. According to them, any beliefs and predictions at this point they do not know. Maybe people saw only a strange mirage — an optical phenomenon in the atmosphere, according

Tornado with the silhouette of a rider

that the incident took place in the Republic of Sakha, better known as Yakutia. One summer day came the storm, which was accompanied by a small tornado. It would seem unusual, such events sometimes. But the whole mystery is that while tornadoes were drawn silhouettes of riders to bear arms. Eyewitnesses even count the number of soldiers — there were twenty. The next day the accident scene was repeated, but this time in the "attack" went only three riders.

According to Anna Mestnikovoy, who lives in the village Sottintsy, first arose a great dust, and the surrounding area has found brown. Not far from the shop were guys, they just showed a woman tornado. Inside it were two shadows. When witnesses looked closer, it looked there riders.

And one local 8 student at all taken aback by such a picture. Normal tornado fear not point, but when it appeared the riders, the boy was frightened in earnest. According to Sasha Pavlov, the soldiers moved in sequence, one after another. After that, the boy ran home and told all the family.

In nature, a tornado is an atmospheric vortex, it may be accompanied by thunderstorms and only reaches the earth's surface. This phenomenon takes shape trunk, all the action from a distance seems small. However, in reality the diameter of the cone is a few hundred meters. The principle of the tornadoes is such that the oxygen inside the figure is constantly chasing and at the same time turning. This leads to the thin air.

How many scientists did not observe the movement of the funnel, they were unable to determine the exact speed of its movement. Typically, the figure is 60 miles per hour, but these figures may be much higher. Fortunately people of Yakutia, in their residence this phenomenon is very rare. More often it is in the American states. Last time in Russia tornado caused damage to the population of Blagoveshchensk. It was so strong that it easily flips cars and trucks.

Speaking about the show, which occurred in Yakutia, in this case there is no pattern. Of course you might think that this is some sign, but most likely the riders are unusual mirage. That is, in fact, eyewitnesses observed a virtual image, writes


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