Incessant fires in Ontario

Timminis in the Canadian city in north-eastern Ontario because of continued fighting officially declared state of emergency. Along the border of boreal forest fires are hundreds. Due to strong winds the fire easily conquering new territories, with 8-10 km wide. Near Timminisa already suffered 41,000 hectares of forest. At risk are several freeways. Caustic black smoke continues to spread around the city, creating a lot of problems to local residents.
Burning wood.

Extinguish the fire from the air.

Timminis in the smoke from the fire.
Kirkland Lake residents warned to immediately start evacuation if the fire, which took at that time 2600 m, close to 1 km to homes and other buildings. About 300 people from the suburbs to voluntarily leave their homes because of the threat of fire. Closed all city schools. The work of the local mines stopped, all the workers evacuated as fire just gaining momentum at constant wind gusts that reached 50 km / h

The evacuation of the miners.
At the moment, the fire fighting about 1,300 firefighters and 56 helicopters with water. 40 years ago a similar disaster has destroyed one-third of Cobalt.

Fire rages around Timminisa.


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