Increase in water temperature of the oceans is especially dangerous amid a warming world

DURBAN, December 2. / Itar-Tass Paul Myltsev /. Increase in water temperature of the oceans is particularly dangerous on the background of a warming world, warn environmentalists. "We as scientists are extremely dismayed by the fact that the problem of the heating of the oceans ignored at climate talks here in Durban," — said the representative of the study of the oceans / UK / Carol Turley. She participates in the 17th Conference of the Framework Convention on Climate Change / UNFCCC /.

In the coming decades, said Turley, should expected average water temperature of the oceans, leading to serious violations of their "health." The warming of the oceans caused by rising temperature of the atmosphere, that is, in the end — this is also due to the increase in greenhouse gases. As a result of impaired gas exchange between water layers on the surface of the oceans and the atmosphere, which leads to significant changes of physical, chemical and biological parameters of the water environment.

Politicians, Turley believes it is important to understand that the oceans play an important role in sustaining life on Earth. They cover three-quarters of the planet's surface and produce half of the oxygen that people breathe. If you do not deal with the problems of the oceans, the affected 500 million people living by fishing.


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