Increases the pressure inside the volcano Tungurahua, experts warn

The pressure inside the crater of the volcano Tungurahua increased because of rising magma, although in recent days, the release of gas and ash fell from the crater, according to the staff of the Geophysical Institute of Ecuador (IG). As explained by volcanologists, the observed decrease in emissions of ash does not mean that the current activity of the Colossus, which began on April 20 and the efforts of 29 April, began to decline.

As noted in yesterday's report, the increase of deformation within the crater, periodic severe tremors cliff face and the constant release of gases such as sulfur dioxide (of more than 2000 tons per day) show that the activity in the crater of the volcano increases. In the last hours on satellite images can be seen that the level of magma in the crater increases. This may contribute to the release of pyroclastic jets, bigger and stronger than at the time of the eruption of 2006.

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