Increment of NATO troops in Kosovo

North-Atlantic alliance began April 25 transfer of additional forces in Kosovo, In order to prevent the probable ethnic mess on the eve of presidential elections in Serbia on May 6. About this report Agence France-Presse.

On Wednesday, a plane with 250 German fighters landed at the military airport, 15 kilometers from Pristina. In the coming days are in Kosovo More reinforcements arrive — the transfer of troops to end at Mon May 30. The total number of additional troops — 700 people, it will include 550 German and 150 Austrian fighter.

Reinforcements were requested from headquarters NATO commander of the peacekeeping force in Kosovo General Erhard Drews (Erhard Drews).

Gen. reported that the tension in the region before the election ramping up. Ethnic Serbs need to prevent their role in the presidential election, with all this power Kosovo consider such an option unacceptable and promised to use all the powers at their disposal to prevent provocations.

Peacekeeping force NATO located Kosovo Since 1999, when the province is an armed confrontation between the Serbian army and the Albanian rebels. The continued strength of troops — about 6,200 soldiers from 29 countries.

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