Independent expert report Putin. Corruption

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"


Decade of Vladimir Putin is more associated with 2 very negative for the strange phenomenon — an unusually increased arbitrariness and corruption.

The level of corruption Our homeland is in 154th place out of 178 countries. These data are an influential international organization Transparency International for 20101. Next to us are more backward countries in Africa (Congo, Guinea-Bissau), and Papua — Bimbo Guinea and Tajikistan. Transparency International has recognized Russia's most corrupt state in the middle of the leading countries of the world, members of the "Big Twenty". Our colleagues in the BRIC countries — Brazil, China, India (69 th, 78 th and 87 th, respectively) — looked much better.

The claim that in Russia the African level of corruption has long been completely reality does not match. In almost all African countries, the level of corruption is lower than in Russia. In Egypt, hundreds of thousands of people angered by Mubarak's corrupt government, took to the streets of cities and have gained his resignation. With all of this in Egypt, the level of corruption and a half times lower than in Russia, and the country is on this indicator at 98 th place.

The myth that Putin brought order, strengthening municipal authority hits the reality.

Below we provide a graph showing the location of in the list of corrupt countries:

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

Place in the list of corrupt countries is determined by the index of perception of corruption. If there is no corruption at all, the index is 10, and if it is infinite, then the index — 0.

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

Russian corruption perception index, calculated since 1996, in other words, with Yeltsin's second term indicates the following. The average value of the index for the later years of the Yeltsin was 2.4. After Yeltsin's resignation, when Putin came to power, the corruption situation has begun to improve, the average value of the index have gained 2.6 (first term of Putin's presidency). This impacted on the update of the state apparatus, the simplification of taxation, reduction of administrative regulation, the number of permits and licenses.

But since the second term of Putin and today the situation is rapidly deteriorating. Corruption perception index in 2010 fell to a record low of 2.6 magnitude — 2.1. Such theft and bribery Our homeland did not know its history. Putin's defenders often say that corruption is "dashing 90" was not lower than segodnyaschy. But the facts they say about working. If we turn to the Federal State Statistics Service of the number of crimes of corruption, the dynamics yavna — an increase from 2,700 in 1990 to 13,100 in 20092.

The scale of corruption under Yeltsin and Putin are not comparable. This is especially clearly seen in the unprecedented enrichment of the family Luzhkov — Baturina. The most resounding corruption scandal 90 associated with the family, has been around the installation of plastic chairs at the stadium "Luzhniki". Tender announced by the Government of Moscow, won the mayor's wife. The cost issue — 700 thousand dollars nesusvetny scandal broke. In 2008, he took a tender for the repair and reconstruction of the monument "Worker and Collective Farm Girl" by the famous architect Mukhina. As before, won Baturin. But the cost of the transaction is $ 100 million and for all that no scandal, no investigation was not.

Another example — the so-called business writers. In 1997, a scandal erupted over a great number of members of the government fees for a book on privatization. The fee is 90 thousand dollars The scandal led to a government crisis in the spring of '98 the government was dismissed. Messages about the villas of Putin's official price of 10's of millions of dollars to interest no one, and these people continue to work. Watch V. Resin, first deputy mayor of Moscow, has never worked in the business, the price of $ 1 million and are not for the current regime the basis for the investigation and impeachment.

At the current time, the corruption situation is much worse than in the 90s.

Corruption in Russia ceased to be a discrepancy, and has become a system. She pinned metastases economic and social life of the country. The yearly turnover of corruption in our country is headed for $ 300 billion dollars3, which is comparable to a one-year Russian budget is 25% of GDP.

Growth rates and prices as in almost everything related to the corrupt practices of officials at all levels and Putin's monopoly. Kickbacks, cuts and levies are making 50 or more percent of the cost of works. That is why the price of gas pipeline in the system of "Gazprom" is three times higher than in Europe4. Laying of pipelines is also accompanied by theft and kickbacks to 10s bn5. At the cost of construction of dwelling bribe amount to 30%. Of course, to cover all these constantly rising costs of monopoly control of the country without annoying increases tariffs for gas, heat, electricity prices grow at all. Corruption and theft of Putin's "vertical of power" has to be paid to us.

For Putin system typically widespread and open splice officials and businesses, the role of family, friends and acquaintances in the development of budget funds and state ownership, tenure of power and secrecy of its operation.

Very bad role censorship in the media, the actual destruction of parliamentarism. The lack of parliamentary control over the executive power, multiplied by the severe lack of investigative reporting corrupt activity, makes a breeding ground for corruption lawlessness.

Corruption corroded and killed the law enforcement system. The main value of many police chiefs — personal enrichment6. The war on terrorism and the safety of people in their values are not included7.

Bureaucratic regime destroyed the vertical and independent tribunal. Administrative pressure to make the judicial system dysfunctional and completely dependent on a corrupt government.

Corruption worsens and the main principle of the Putin administration: "Friends — all the rest — chaos." Compliance with the law and justice are not the responsibility of Putin's officials. The main thing — personal loyalty. "Loyal — steal, nor inclined — sit down" — another guiding principle of the current government.

President Medvedev has started its activities with the creation of the Commission for the Fight against Corruption, which he headed. But the result announced by the anti-corruption struggle zero, if not negative. Mode is strictly for the protection of the interests of the corrupt. According to the Chief Justice Lebedev, eventually consideration of cases of corruption, which the whole country was a little over 10 thousand, 65% of defendants received only probation8. So Makar, a mafia system of corrupt bureaucrats are immune from the harsh punishments.

In the world there are many countries that have successfully overcome corruption. The eye-catching example of a successful fight showed Norway, Germany, Italy, Spain, the USA and Singapore. The most recent successful example — Georgia. Creator Singapore miracle Lee Kuan Yew, who was able to root out corruption and achieve mind-blowing success in the economy, identifies three basic principles for solving the problem of corruption9:

  1. unstained central authority;
  2. certainty of punishment;
  3. not a bad reward for their work and encourage diligent work of civil servants

None of these principles in today's Russia is not valid. We are convinced that without the fair of the central government does not solve the problem of corruption. The fish rots from the head. And as long as the head of the country is aimed at personal enrichment kleptocracy — will not solve the problem. That's why the real report, we do not consider all the qualities of corruption, and focus our readers' attention only on the situation in the higher echelons of power.

We present the facts unprecedented screaming corruption in the highest echelons of Russian power. We will tell about how friends of Putin's dacha cooperative "Lake" of subtle business turned into a fabulous way Baksova billionaires. We will tell about the posh life and work of the criteria governing the country. About how the expense of you and me, these conditions are made.

In the end, the final chapter we present its own anti-corruption action plan. We realize that to kill corruption absolutely will not work. But its scope to lower the level of Guinea-Bissau to at least the Eastern European states and Georgia — completely close to the reality and necessary for the development task.

Without a solution to this difficulty Our homeland is doomed to endless backwardness, poverty and endless eternal injustice of her people.

Enrichment of members of the cooperative "Lake"

Holiday consumer cooperative "Lake" on the shore of Lake Komsomol in Leningrad Oblast was established in November 1996 by eight citizens of Vladimir Putin, Yuri Kovalchuk, Nikolai Shamalova, Victor MYACHIN, Vladimir Smirnov, Vladimir Yakunin, also brothers Andrei and Sergei Fursenko.

Lesson one of the members of the cooperative "Lake", Vladimir Putin as President of Russian Federation in 2000 led to the next rapid enrichment of the founders of "Lake". First, it is about Yuri Kovalchuk and Nikolai Shamalova that are included in the list of Russian billionaires and are kept under control, respectively, 33.5% and 12.7% of the St. Petersburg Joint Stock Commercial Bank (ACB), "Russia."

First rule of Vladimir Putin Bank "Russia" was the size of a small bank with assets of less billion rubles., Not even in the hundred biggest Russian banks. But then under the control of the bank were transferred to the decisions of the country at reduced rates more financial and media assets formerly owned state company "Gazprom". Carefully about these schemes wrote Boris Nemtsov and Vladimir Milov's own reports, "Putin said. Results "and" Putin and "Gazprom". " Here is a short chronology of asset stripping "Gazprom" in favor of the bank "Russia":

  • In 2004, "Gazprom" has sold its subsidiary "Insurance Company of Gas Industry" ("Sogas"), one of the largest insurance companies in Russia, who ultimately controlled by the structures of the bank "Russia". 50% of "SOGAZ" sold "Gazprom" for $ 58 million, while the current time price "SOGAZ" We estimate that $ 2 billion
  • In August 2006, "Sogas" already belonged to the bank "Russia", bought a 75% plus 1 share of the "Leader", which manages the pension fund of "Gazprom", "Gazfond."
  • "Gazfond" — the largest pension fund in the country, pension reserves, which are now almost 300 billion rubles.
Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

Shares of the "Leader" "SOGAZ" sold himself "Gazfond", the deal — only 880 million rubles., Although for 2006 only unblemished profit "Leader" was 1.2 billion rubles. At the time of purchase of the management company "Leader" holders of the bank "Russia" is already prepared for the control over the pension fund: in 2005, the president of "Gazfonda" was Yuri Shamalov, the son of Nicholas Shamalova, a shareholder of the bank "Russia" and the 1st of the founders of the cooperative "Lake".

Ultimately Shamalov Jr. as head of the "Gazfonda" has sold shares of the company that manages naikrupneyshim state pension fund of the country, at fantastic low value of the bank's own father, the elder Shamalova

After establishing control over the "Gazfond" bank "Russia" took control of Gazprombank, one of the largest banks in the country. JSC "Gazprom", instead of to realize Gazprombank shares at a public auction for the funds at the end of 2006 gave them controlled by the bank "Russia" "Gazfond" through the scheme cashless exchange of shares, with the result that by April 2007 control of Gazprombank (50 % plus 1 share) consolidated "Gazfond" controlled Kovalchuk, Shamalova and co. Gazprombank, the market price which, according to professionals, comes to $ 25 billion, went out of control, "Gazprom", with all this "Gazprom" has not received a penny of living resources for the valuable asset.

In July 2005 the shares of "Gazprom-Media" and NTV and TNT were transferred to Gazprombank, "Gazprom" only received for the assets from Gazprombank only 166 million dollars, but after 2 years, after the "Gazprom-Media" in as assets under the control of Gazprombank fled the bank "Russia", Deputy Prime Minister (at the time), Dmitry Medvedev announced the latest data evaluation asset prices, "Gazprom-Media" — 7.5 billion dollars the basis of this assessment, it appears that "Gazprom" gave these assets is 45 times less than their real value. All these deals get board approval of OAO "Gazprom", in which most of the in the 2000s, has always belonged to the representatives of the country, directly receives directives on voting for the decisions of the government's management, subordinate to Putin. First of transactions on the transfer of assets of "Gazprom" under the control of the bank "Russia" was accomplished in the summer of 2004, a few months after his resignation from the post of Russian Prime Minister Kasyanov Misha.

As a result of data manipulation with the withdrawal of assets from the state company "Gazprom" under the control of the Bank "Russian" untainted assets rose to 6.7 billion rubles. at the beginning of 2004 (70 th place in Russia) to 231.7 billion rubles. on October 1, 2010 (19 th place in Russia).

The total output from "Gazprom" assets (ie derived from state ownership to private ownership neighbors V. Putin's cooperative "Lake") is about U.S. $ 60 billion (or 1.68 trillion rubles. — Twice as many countries lack the Pension Fund)10.


These transactions have contributed to the growth of the real welfare of not only the partners of Vladimir Putin's dacha cooperative "Lake", and the relatives of Putin.

Namely, another shareholder of the bank "Russia", which controlled them through the St. Petersburg company "Accept" owns 3.9% of the bank is Misha Shelomov, great-nephew of Vladimir Putin. Misha Shelomov — the grandson of Ivan Shelomova, the former head of the 7th Division of the 1st control SAIC NKVD and older brother of Mary Putin mother of Vladimir Putin.

Shelomov through the firm "Acceptance" (he is in control of 99.99% of its shares) also owns 12.5% of shares of the insurance company "Co-Gas", the one that without competition and at a lower cost was derived from "Gazprom" in 2004 year.

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

This same insurance company "Sogas", now one of the largest insurance companies in the country, as deputy chairman of the works Misha Putin, another great-nephew of Vladimir Putin. In 2004-2007 Misha Putin headed the medical management of JSC "Gazprom", through which the procurement of medical equipment were on hundred million dollars a year.

As a result, all state-sanctioned transactions on the transfer of assets of "Gazprom" under the control of the Bank "Russian" founders of the cooperative "Lake" Yuri Kovalchuk: and N. Shamalov on this day are included in the official list of Russian billionaires. In the ranking of billionaires magazine "Finance", published in February 2011, Yuri Kovalchuk ranks 115th line with the state 30 billion rubles., N. Shamalov — 184-th row to the state 18 billion rubles.

In the same list — the other shareholders of the Bank "Russian" and part of an old friend of Vladimir Putin. Namely, the 17th line in the ranking of billionaires with a fortune of 271 billion rubles. is Gennady Timchenko, co-owner of oil trader Gunvor, which will be discussed separately. Timchenko owns 9.6% of the bank "Russia", and he also benefited directly from the bank transactions for the sale of assets of "Gazprom" at low prices.

182-th row in the list of Russian billionaires, according to the magazine "Finance" with the state 18 billion rubles. takes another shareholder of the bank "Russia," Dmitry Gorelov, which owns 12.7% of the shares of the bank. D. Gorelov — President of "Petro-med", one of the founders in 1991 JSC / ZAO "PETROMED", which was in the middle of the co-founders Committee on External Economic Relations of St. Petersburg City Hall under the baton of Vladimir Putin.

The scion of Dmitry Gorelov Basil along with Nicholas Shamalova is co-owner of Vyborg Shipyard, which in 2006, immediately after it was acquired by the group owners, received from "Gazprom" in a row for the construction of 2-sea platforms for the development of the Shtokman field at the cost of 59 billion rub. Previously, no harsh factory orders in the past 10 years have not had.

By the way, the younger son of Nicholas Shamalova, Cyril Shamalov also "attached" (the eldest son, let us recall, is headed "Gas Fund") — it works vice-president of the petrochemical holding company "Sibur" to "administrative support services" (in other words — to use administrative resources), which was appointed at age 26, less than 4 years after the end of the St. Petersburg Municipal Institute.

Oil and gas chemical holding company "Sibur" belonged to Gazprombank, but at the end of December 2010 Gazprombank sold 50% "Sibur" Leonid Michelson, head of the company "Novatek", a large majority owned by the already mentioned Gennady Timchenko, a shareholder of the bank "Russia". During 2011, as planned, Gazprombank absolutely relinquish control over "Sibur" (100% of the shares), the chapter "Novatek".


Other founders of the summer community "Lake" after Vladimir Putin came to power, also occupied senior positions in the federal government and state-controlled companies:

  • Vladimir Yakunin In 2000 he was appointed Deputy Minister of Transport, later 1st Deputy Minister of Railways from 2003 — 1st Vice-President of OAO "Russian steel road", and since June 2005 head of JSC "Russian Railways", in which the one-year revenue 2010 close to 2 trillion rubles.
  • Vladimir Smirnov In May 2000 he was appointed General Director of the "Enterprise for the supply of products of the Office of the President of Russian Federation", and in 2002-2007 he was the head of JSC "TENEX" — a company of Minatom. This is one of the largest global suppliers of products and services in the field of nuclear fuel cycle, which provides services for the enrichment of uranium for about 40% of the world market. In 2007 Smirnov ran for the post of Advisor to the Director of concern "Atomenergoprom".

Vladimir Smirnov in their activities was tightly interwoven with the famous "authoritative" businessman Vladimir Barsukov (Kumarin) who are currently in custody. In 1994, Smirnov headed the St. Petersburg branch of the German firm SPAG, while coumarin was a board member of the branch. In 1999, the company SPAG was accused of German intelligence service BND in laundering funds for Russian criminal gangs, and for Colombian drug traffickers — SPAG Director Rudolf Ritter was arrested in 2000 in 1996-2001. Smirnov — in leadership positions in JSC "Petersburg Fuel Company" (TAP). During these years, the vice-president of PTK was coumarin-Barsukov, virtually controlled the company. Security agency "Reef-security", controlled Kumarin-Barsukov and V. Smirnov, produced protection dacha cooperative "Lake".

  • Sergei Fursenko, in 2003-2008 worked for the director of "Lentransgaz", the 1st of the largest subsidiaries of "Gazprom" (revenues in 2008 — almost 50 billion rubles.), and since 2008 has headed controlled by the bank "Russia", "National Media Group" (LMWH), which consists of REN-TV "Channel Five" and the newspaper "Izvestia", and since the end of 2010 — 25% of the First Russian TV channel, acquired from Roman Abramovich. In addition, S. Fursenko became manager of Russian Football Union.
  • Andrei Fursenko in 2001-2003. — Deputy Minister, 1st Deputy Minister, acting Minister of Industry, Science and Technology, since 2004 — Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (this ministry administers federal spending on education and research civilian mission, which in 2011 amounted to almost 800 billion rubles.).


Bank "Russia", unheard of in the end will enrich generous concessions by the state assets "Gazprom", so Makarov is practically "family business" of the founders of the cooperative "Lake": more than 50% of the shares belong to Y. Kovalchuk, N. Shamalova and relatives Putin M. Shelomov , in the structures of the bank's work in top positions of their relatives — the son of a pension fund is headed Shamalova "Gazfond" Putin's relatives have shares of the insurance company "Sogas" and occupy high-ranking positions in it.

Putin and his fellow billionaires

History enrichment of friends and acquaintances Putin is not limited to only the fate of the members of dacha cooperative "Lake". In this chapter, we thoroughly describe the history of sovereign Timchenko, davneshnego companion Putin and Rotenberg brothers, who are familiar judo with Putin with the teenage years.

Putin met with Gennady Timchenko in the late 80's. While Gennady worked in an oil refinery in the town of Kirishi maloprimetnuyu and held a position in the trade department of the plant. The competence Timchenko then came the organization deals in export of oil products. The first co-operative business Timchenko and Putin began when the future president was deputy head of the Department of Sobchak and foreign economic relations. It happened in the early 90's, it was a difficult time, not enough food, medicines, simple products. While the efforts of Mayor Sobchak of St. Petersburg won the right to sell the metals and petroleum products for export in exchange for food.

Was created by the company Golden Gate11, founded by the Department of Foreign Economic Relations (Putin) and the structure of the sovereign Timchenko. Soon the company sells 100 tons of petroleum products. At today's prices that's about 70 million dollars, but no goods were received in St. Petersburg12.

The deputies of the Leningrad City Council, led by Marina Salie made the commission to investigate fraud associated with foreign trade activities of Putin and the town hall. The results of the Commission were made public13. But until the criminal case never came.

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

Then the emperor Timchenko continues to export oil products, and in 1999 emigrated to Finland. At that time, the emperor Timchenko was an unknown oil trader. According to the Finnish tax authorities, its revenue amounted to 327 thousand euros. But after coming to power of Putin

Timchenko things went sharply uphill. Already in 2000, he declared more than half a million euros in 2001 — almost 5 million

In 2008, Timchenko Baksova enters the list of billionaires Forbes magazine with the state 2.5 billion dollars in the latest ranking of billionaires Russian magazine "Finance" (February 2011) Timchenko on the 17th line of the state of 271 billion rubles.

The reason for such a quick take-off little-known St. Petersburg entrepreneur lies in the scale of exports of crude oil and petroleum products. As a Finnish citizen and paying taxes in Switzerland, this emperor is in control of more than a third of export Russian oil14.

The most important to emphasize that Timchenko sells oil in the main municipal oil companies "Rosneft" and "Gazprom Neft", also closely associated with the government, "Surgut"15.


Beginning in 2007, through the company Timchenko exported between 60 and 90 million tons of oil revenue to 80 billion dollars when it its companies have more favorable conditions. When the RF was a conflict with Estonia, the exporters have experienced considerable difficulties in handling of petroleum products across this country. All, except for Timchenko16. He Russian authorities did not prevent export raw materials, despite the large-scale inter-state conflict.

Perfectly clear that the export issues of municipal companies in the highest degree the prerogative of the president and the government. It is a strategic resource of, and attention to the dilemma of the government is usually large. How and on what basis exactly Timchenko obtained the right to export oil municipal, what role was played by Putin himself — all of this has yet to learn. How and why exactly Timchenko sells former oil company, Yukos, and why he was one of the founders of the famous sad "Baykalfinansgrupp" through which "Rosneft" has received Yukos17. This one-day company registered in Tver in the building rumochnaia "London" to this day remains a mystery. Putin about it only said that its founders — the people he knew well, has long been working in the field of energy18.

In addition, in conjunction with the monarch Timchenko Kovalchuk is naikrupneyshim shareholder of the bank "Russia". This once no one recognized bank in St. Petersburg current time holds the key to a more liquid assets "Gazprom" (Gazprombank, "Gazprom-Media", "Gazfond", "Sogas" and others). Control over the assets has got Timchenko and Kovalchuk actually nothing. Neither tenders for you or contests — nothing. The state company "Gazprom", controlled by Putin, with his master's shoulder made Timchenko and other shareholders a great gift — the total cost of 10 billion dollars ki Why multibillion-dollar assets "Gazprom" got Kovalchuk and Timchenko, is anyone's guess.

Until next time operation of Timchenko received very lucrative contracts at the cost of 10's billion rubles. for the construction of the facilities "Gazprom". At this time you have the advantage of Putin's other friends — brothers Rotenberg (see below). But Timchenko was not for nothing. He is now one of the main contractors of municipal "Rosneft" and "Transneft"19.

Apart from everything else, Timchenko is a shareholder naikrupneyshim second after the "Gazprom" gas companies in the country — "Novatek". This company has a unique preferences on the part of the country. How well understood in Russia introduced a monopoly on gas exports. Gas can be sold abroad only to "Gazprom". But an exception is made for Timchenko. "Novatek" export gas from the nominal contract with "Gazprom"! In 2010, the city "Gazprom" sells stake (9.4%), "Novatek" structures Timchenko. In a deal like as nothing unusual there. If not for the cost of $ 1.9 billion lower than the market value of this to 1.3 billion dollars this Makar, at the expense of the country ("Gazprom") Timchenko and his companions became richer by another 1.3 billion dollars


More exciting and the fate of the business Rotenberg brothers — Arkady and Boris. In the 60s they were engaged, together with Putin judo. Then Arkady Rotenberg became president of the sports club "Yawara-Neva" where Putin — the honorable president and one of the founders — the same Mr. Timchenko20. But athletic youth and adolescence — not the only thing that binds Putin and Rotenberg. Not many people know the entrepreneurs in the 90s, Rotenberg currently Baksova billionaires. They are naikrupneyshimi the pipes for "Gazprom" and naikrupneyshimi contractors in the construction of gas pipelines. Having bought virtually at a starting cost of system assets "Gazprom", Rothenberg made the company "SGM". And in 2008, the company has become a winning one by one, the tenders for the construction of gas pipelines21. The company won the tender for the construction of the "Nord Stream". With all the price of construction was three times higher than the construction of such pipelines to Europe! Although the wages of our workers is several times lower than the European ones.

In addition, without any tender Rotenberg got from "Gazprom" in a row for the construction of the landmark of the Sakhalin — Khabarovsk — Vladivostok. The cost of building an astronomical — 210 billion rubles.

Olympic Dzhubga — Lazarevskoye — Sochi cost 22 billion rubles. Rotenberg also went without a tender.

The Government of the Russian Federation annual increase gas tariffs. In turn, this leads to an increase in utility rates. Any one of us must realize that the cause of growth — in this kind of "friendly" criminal transactions. Where on one hand — the government in the face of "Gazprom" and on the other — friends of Putin.

The report, "Putin said. Totals. 10 years, "we wrote about the tragic alcoholism RF22. On average, each inhabitant of the country, including women, old men, kids and non-drinkers, for 18 liters. unblemished alcohol per year. The main reason for the soldering of people in a nondescript availability of vodka. Lower excise duties on alcohol and vodka led to a bottle of vodka at a cost comparable to two or three bottles of beer. In Russia itself (well, in the world) had never been. As was the fact that a bottle of vodka equivalent of 4 trips on the metro. We then cause a similar policy did not know. But at the moment, finding out the business structure Rotenberg, we found that they are kept under control for more than 11 distilleries23, in the system Rosspirtprom. Namely, "Bryanskspirtprom" plant "Kristall", Astrakhan Distillery, "Mordovspirt" Smolensk "Bacchus", Cherepovets Distillery, Distillery Yaroslavsky and others.

Is not this the reason for the low taxes and excise taxes on vodka in Putin of the Russian Federation? Why Putin to increase taxes on business friends? After all, the lower the value, the higher the implementation. And that becomes an inveterate drunkard great people of the country — as it is for the current authorities are not the greatest discrepancy.

All well-known scandal associated with the construction of toll highway Moscow — St. Petersburg through the Khimki forest. The decision to build was made by Putin. Putin was unmoved when the protests began public. He stubbornly stood on its own and when Dmitry Medvedev stopped the construction of the road. In the end, decided to build a road through the forest, despite the outrage of Khimki residents and environmentalists. Now the reason is clear — in a row for the construction of the toll road at the cost of 63.4 billion rubles. companies received Rotenberg24.

Putin's government is ready to allocate for this purpose 23 billion rubles. budget funds. And the income from the operation of the toll road will go Rothenberg.

It's the same with the road Moscow — Minsk. There was another one in a row of Putin — Yuri Kovalchuk (more on Kovalchuk read the chapter on the participants of the cooperative "Lake"). The government pays, and friends of Putin profit.

Rotenberg brothers, using their davneshnie connection with Putin, engaged in racketeering multibillion-dollar businesses. So, for example, they have become shareholders of Novorossiysk Sea Port (naikrupneyshgo oil port of the country), offering shareholders Ponomarenko and A. Skorobogatko their services to protect their business from another friend of Putin — Nikolai Tokarev ("Transneft")25. Roughly the same thing happened with the case of Ashot Yeghiazaryan. In order to protect your own business against the encroachments of Luzhkov's wife Baturina Eghiazaryan was required to give 50% of their own business (construction of the hotel "Moscow") free of brothers Rotenberg26.


Not forgets Putin and his own priklnnyh fellow Yeltsin-era oligarchs — Abramovich and Deripaska. In 2005, "Gazprom" and the government for the purchase of $ 13.7 billion gallakticheskie "Sibneft", owned by Abramovich. Abramovich is the richest man in Russia.

When the crisis began, Putin sees the solution is not even entirely assist large families, the disabled and fellow oligarchs. Abramovich's company "Evraz" receives from the municipal pension (!) Fund of the state of well-being 1 billion dollars

Rescuing from bankruptcy business of another oligarch Deripaska, Vladimir Putin from the same state welfare fund allocates him 4.5 billion dollars27

These funds would be enough to build 5 million square feet. m home. Living conditions could do better than 100 thousand families! But the oligarchs were Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's close.

Two slaves. At the Golden galleys

Not so long ago, Vladimir Putin originally answered the question about the meaning of life, the main thing for men — new feelings.

Russian ruling "elite", coming from a poor Russian youth and youth in a frenzy pounced on objects and attributes of luxury, vision once in a while income before Russian screens foreign films about the "good life." The arms race has been replaced by a race of luxury — in a country where 70% of the population lives in poverty, and even outright poverty. Politicians and bureaucrats, formal living on one salary, eager to keep up with his friends — Baksova billionaire oligarchs — the most expensive in the consumption of products and services, the most unique entertainment and pleasure, competing with the Russian kings and aristocrats of the past and the Arab sheikhs real. A personal example in the race for the luxury of all the inferior "vertical" served the first persons of the country.


First, in 2011 in Sochi came brand new, just purchased by the Office of Presidential Affairs (in other words, the means of the budget) yacht business class "Sirius" at the cost of 26 million pounds (1.2 billion rubles).. The yacht is designed for 11 guests and 12 crew members. It plans to take President Heads of State and Government. Including in the days of the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014. The yacht 6 VIP-cabins, its length — 50 meters. On the "Sirius" to the services chapter of the country — a wine cellar, a wardroom with a panoramic view of the sea, SPA-pool with waterfall, hot tub, BBQ and other delights. Ordinary rate of the cost of the boat itself — 10% of the price for the year, in other words, 120 million rubles. (Equivalent to an average annual pension in 1400 Russian elderly).

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

For comparison: the state-owned yachts are at the few heads of state and government. At the same ones who they are — the court is not an example modest. For example, the President of Finland yacht costs about € 2 million, the yacht King of Belgium — "only" 4.6 million euros, and the Queen of England Elizabeth II and remained completely without boats after "retirement," the famous Britannia.

"Sirius," according to the official version, changed a not so long ago written off presidential 45-meter yacht "Caucasus", built in 1980 for Leonid Brezhnev, who only recently (first-2000s) was costly upgrades cost the taxpayers according to various sources, between $ 1 and $ 2.8 million write-off on the boat now appeared then new Kondyukov, home cinema furniture and furnishings of fine wood, and the similar.

In addition, to walk along the rivers and lakes of the disposal of the head of the country have an old (1973) Russian ship "Russia", also modernized in 2005 at the St. Petersburg "Northern shipyard" and commissioned personally manager of President Vladimir Kozhin, the governor of the town Matviyenko and plenipotentiary of the president I. Klebanov. At the "Russian" has three luxury cabins, nine 2-bed cabins, a conference room and mess, restaurant, sauna. The ship's length — 86 meters. The price of works on "Russia" is kept in a serious secret (which in itself is amazing — it is a question of budget spending), but presumably it was more than $ 1.2 million

These yachts did not stop. How to find out the "Novaya Gazeta", under Putin purchase and implementation of luxury yachts have been put on stream.

On the 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg (2003) in the Netherlands was designed and built in Moscow yacht "Pallada" (4-6,7 million) — 32 meters in length. She suffered from the same chic style: teak deck, expensive furniture, armchairs and sofas from the snow-white skin. Three decks, cabins and salons total area of 390 square meters. m shaded windows, one of the decks sheltered from the outside observer. On board there is a sauna, home cinema, the yacht is designed for 8 people. Everywhere — portraits of Peter majestically. In May 2003, on board the "Pallas" in St. Petersburg, Vladimir Putin, had dinner in the middle of other Tony Blair and Gerhard Schroeder.

By this glorious anniversary of the town on the Neva River was purchased by VIP-ka-ter "Puffin" at the cost of $ 3 million, which is now at the Leningrad naval base of the Russian Navy.

Real "diamond" Kremlin fleet can be called a luxury mega yacht "Olympia", shown at the seaport of Sochi in the summer of 2002. This 57-meter yacht pyatipalubnaya price of about $ 50 million (1.5 billion rubles). Comes to weave a huge mega yachts in the world. The yearly costs of operation "Olympia" are respectively about 150 million rubles. The yacht is also built by the royal standards: finishing a reddish wood and rattan palm tree, gold-plated, hot tub, bar and barbecue, a colonnade of fine maple, tremendous bathroom, marble and so on.

Contact "Olympia" (filed on zabugornye offshore companies), with the Kremlin confirmed not only the stories of the Sochi port employees, and the fact that the security of the ship was seen FSO, and the acceptance of the yacht in operation producing arrived from Moscow, a special commission. About the use of the yacht reported to President Putin Kremlin sources. Management "Olympus" has produced a Cyprus Unicom Management Services — a subsidiary of Russian OAO "Sovcomflot", 100% of the state of the company, led by the Board of Directors which was at that time an assistant of President Putin, Igor Shuvalov. Midst of buyers and "donors" "Olympia" was called Russian billionaire and a good friend of Vladimir Putin, Roman Abramovich.

First, in December 2010 English referee Andrew Smith ruled in a lawsuit of "SCF" against its former CEO and entrepreneur Skarga D. Yu Nikitin. The court's decision is a curious fact: D. Skarga mentioned during the hearing of a yacht, donated by Putin. At the request of the magazine "Forbes" on what kind of boat he had in mind, D. Skarga gave a link to an article in "Novaya Gazeta", a story about the boat, "Olympia". Where at the moment, "Olympia", who its real owner, and whether it uses as before top management of — covered with darkness.

So, let's sum up. It has a tandem Putin — Medvedev has a mini-fleet of luxury yachts and boats in the amount of 5 units with a total value exceeding U.S. $ 110 million (or 3.3 billion rubles.), The contents of which costs hundreds of million rubles. once a year. Here Russian rulers are not in the same row with the heads of the leading democracies of the world, and even the BRIC countries, and coupled with the lord of Saudi Arabia and his family (15 megayachts) and other Arab sheiks and sultans (9 mega-yachts), also with a friend Silvio Berlusconi with his 4 yachts. In general, Berlusconi officially declare their yacht, because before coming to power, he was an entrepreneur and billionaire — in contrast to the Russian favorites.

Villas and Palaces

Not least, than for yachts, passion Russian tandem experiences and luxurious villas, estates and palaces. Their presence is carefully hidden and disguised, luxury real estate is often formally recorded on the balance sheet of state corporations and even private individuals from among close friends of Putin and Medvedev. But the information about the palaces and villas still gets in the media28. In addition, ownership of or other "object" senior persons of the country can be found on circumstantial evidence: for example, there is a constant in their appearances or on special measures of privacy and security (security targets by the Federal Protective Service (FSO), the main task of which — protection specifically the first persons of the country).

In total, the president and the prime minister attributed the introduction of 26 sites posh estate — both in Russia and abroad. With all of this number of villas and palaces during the tenure of our "heroes" only grew.

Officially, the first two of those countries 5 residences. We Dmitry Medvedev: "Gorki-9" (Moscow), "Bocharov Creek" (Sochi) and "Long Brody — Valdai" (Novgorod region). In Vladimir Putin: "Novo-Ogaryovo" (Moscow) and "Riviera" (Sochi).

In addition, the balance of the country (in other words, as the content of taxpayers) is another 10 sites available to the management of the country: the Constantine Palace (Strelna near St. Petersburg), "Shuya Chupa" (Republic of Karelia), "Volga Cliff" (at the Kuibyshev reservoir on the Volga), "Tantalus" (on the Volga River, near Saratov), "Angara Farm" (Irkutsk region.), "Small Source" (near Yekaterinburg), "House Sevastianova" (Ekaterinburg), "Pine" (Krasnoyarsk region), "Mein Dorf" (the castle in the Gothic style in Rublevskoye highway in the suburbs), "Rus" (Tver region, hunting "Zavidovo"). Many of them are empty for years, but with all this, a lot of money going out of the budget for their maintenance, protection and a constant willingness to take large "farms."

Our home is large and gorgeous, and the members of the tandem and then get accustomed new and, of course, the most beautiful and protected corners. And all the reasons for the construction of new residences missing. The construction is the newest residence in the Far East — on the peninsula of Russia (excuse — The two-day APEC summit on September 8-9, 2012). The residence takes 560 hectares in the Bay grandee, construction could cost 7.7 billion budget rubles. In that 2012 should be put into operation new girl municipal seat of the Baltic Sea in Kaliningrad region, near the famous Curonian Spit (before the war was considered the best resort on the Baltic Sea and in East Prussia — then the city was called Noykuren).

In addition, the press one way or another connects with the names of the first persons of the country, objects such as "Moonlight Meadow" (ski resort in Adygea, on the hillside Fischt), "Barvikha" (dachas in Rublevskoye highway in the suburbs), some hidden object FSB near Moscow under the name ABC, "Dr. Winter's Cottage" (Sortavala, Karelia).

Great enthusiasm is the story of the so-referred to as the "house of the highest guest" near Paris, which, according to the press, built by the Office of Presidential Affairs for 30 million euros with the luxury worthy of Versailles. Who is the owner who paid for expensive work, what is the purpose of this castle — is covered by secrecy zaavesyu29.

Typically, to the journalists at the disposal of the first persons of the country's real property and funds spent on this bureaucrats respond that these State information is lurking (!). And this despite the fact that the "good life" first persons paid from the budget, in other words, from the pockets of taxpayers, and means the information can not be classified. A businessman from the Sverdlovsk region Sergey Karpov, take the case to the Prosecutor General's Office has estimated that about construction and maintenance of the entire infrastructure of the cost of luxury in Russian society 164 billion rubles. (Three-year budget of such a large region, as the Altai Territory, with all of its schools, hospitals, houses of culture and 2.5 million people!).

By the way, the glory of the Altai mountains, it seems, too, like Vladimir Putin, will love the holidays in the Republic of Altai. At the confluence of the rivers Katun in Ursul is excellent, by local standards, building. Formally, the customer and the owner of the future "farmstead of the Altai" is a daughter of "Gazprom", "Gazprom Neft", ready to shell out for its construction more than 1.5 billion rubles. In addition, the newest way to the estate (highlighted area under it — a few thousand hectares) of Chu tract length of 21 km in the highlands operational budget allocated by 190.5 million rubles. per kilometer (!) — more than 4 billion rubles. (Including 120 million from the state budget beggar). So makarom on comfortable "courtyard" for gazpromneftyanikov most state-owned company and taxpayers will spend 5.5 billion rubles. — When the entire budget of the Altai Republic (in 2011) 9,000,000,000 rubles.! According to some unknown reason, the construction of a corporate recreation too guarded by FSO, access to the area is strictly forbidden, everything is done in an atmosphere of secrecy augmented. In addition to the latter fact the connection between "Altai monastery" with Putin personally confirmed by a statement from the senator's Altai Ralif Safina, manufactured at the session of Parliament. Do I have to state that the construction of the road and the estate is not necessary permits, exploding mountains and spoil the unique landscapes, has lost 40 archaeological sites. By "farmstead" is built power line capacity of 110 kilovolts, once on the road for up to 100 units of the heavy equipment.

But all these stories fade against the background of recent "palace" of scandals involving top officials of the country. At the end of 2010 to leave the country businessman Sergei Kolesnikov, until this close to Putin's friends, wrote an open letter to President Dmitry Medvedev that, on the shore of the Black Sea built a luxurious palace for the personal use of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin at the cost of more than 30 billion rubles. (1 billion USD).

As recognized "Novaya Gazeta", the decision to build a palace in the village of Praskoveevka near Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Region was adopted in 2005, the documents were prepared and signed by units of the Office of Presidential Affairs, and all the work the company had "LIRUS" is closely related to a member of the cooperative "Lake" by Nicholas Shamalova.

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

In the end, on the shore of the Black Sea appeared chic town, including the enormous main building in the Italian style with the palace gates, crowned double-headed hawk, a health center, a helipad on the three helicopters, "tea house", lifts to the beach and much more. And all this — in the terrain carved relic pine derived from the decision of the country's forest resources. The complex built a road through the mountains. The area carefully guarded by the local police, private security company, and obviously … FSO.

"Wonderful" way to order office of Mr. Shamalova (almost his personal property) ran not only the palace with all the buildings, and a large piece of state land. Appropriate solutions has signed a manager of President Vladimir Kozhin. According to Kolesnikov, Vladimir Putin paid a personal and constant attention to the construction of the palace, and the means at the disposal of N. Shamalova were a result of "a combination of sources such as corruption, theft and bribes." In total, in the hands of Shamalova in corruption schemes was $ 148 million, part of which is likely to have been focused on the construction of the palace in the Gelendzhik. Construction is FSE "military unit in 1473," and security "private palace" comes with the introduction of the FSO employees. Which means built a palace? As municipal land was in private hands? Who is the real owner of the customer and the new "Black Versailles"? As long as these questions remain unanswered.

After the letter S. Kolesnikov was widely publicized in March 2011 was carried out hastily newcomer deal with the palace in the Gelendzhik — it acquired a partner A. Rothenberg, co-owner of Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port Ponomarenko (presumably, for $ 350 million) . But Kolesnikov claims that motivated the destination of the palace that will not change. Many experts dubbed the latest deal "mock" in order to confuse the situation and withdraw from striking the head of the customer.

Such murky story revolves around the construction of a new palace in the countryside nature reserve Great Utrish — not so far from the same Gelendzhik. This is so well hidden "object" associated with the name of another member of the ruling tandem — Dmitry Medvedev. Official "Legend" now — the "fitness center", referred to as the pioneer of the construction of new structure of the Office of Presidential Affairs. The plot of 120 hectares has been removed from the reserve and transferred in 2008 to lease for 49 years, the fund non-profit project "The Gift", the chairman of the supervisory board of which was Ilya Eliseev, who studied with D. Medvedev at the Leningrad Institute and worked for a long time in "Gazprom "At that time, when Medvedev was chairman of the Board of Directors of the monopoly. In this case, there is no clarity as to the sources of financing the construction, the need to withdraw from our plot of protected natural areas, as well — for whom end up being built on protected land new palace.


In October of 2009 broke out in Russia a resounding "time scandal." "Vedomosti" newspaper has published the results of its own investigation of the hours that are of Russian bureaucrats. It was found that the highest Russian "elite", including never worked in the business of civil servants, like super-expensive timepieces. So, the first deputy chairman of the Central Bank AG showed Ulyukaeva hours for 78,800 dollars, the head of the presidential administration, Sergei Naryshkin — for 29,700 dollars, with the Minister of Finance Kudrin 14 900 and so on. Shocked all the "record" has put the first Deputy Mayor Vladimir Resin (which happily has not touched "control of corruption" in the capital) — a watch with him for a million (!) Bucks.

The first face of the country is not out of the common "high-end" system, in this case. In 2009, Prime Minister Putin twice gave "ordinary Russians" watch brand Blancpain at the cost of 10.5 million dollars each. Lucky offspring of Tuvan shepherd and a locksmith from Tula. In addition, in August 2010 at the site of the Lower Bureyskaya HPP he threw into the watery concrete Agency ("Happiness") next Blancpain to the same value. So for prime time kutsee just broke up with hours total cost of $ 31.5 million (or nearly one million rubles.). Media notice on the hand the prime minister and other instances of expensive watches — and threw away the concrete it does not last too far from his own collection. On his right hand was, for example, gold Patek Philippe for 60 thousand dollars, and such expensive brands like A. Lange & Sohne (20-30 thousand dollars), Breguet (20 thousand dollars), gold Calatrava (20 thousand), IWC (3-4 thousand dollars). All this together (only seen by observers) is worth approximately 160 million dollars (4.8 million rubles.).

Independent expert report "Putin. Corruption"

According to the income statement of Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in 2009, he earned a place on their own work 4622400 rubles. (385,200 rubles. Per month) plus military pension of $ 100.6 million for the year. So Makar, the price of only hours premiere exceeds its annual revenue. Do we need more arguments for the introduction of mandatory declarations to the legislation on the costs of officials — to start from the top tier (the so-called "A")?

Keep up with Putin, Dmitry and Svetlana Medvedev. First, in 2009 was at one point fired editor of the newspaper "Kommersant" Andrey Vasilyev. This followed the publication of photos of the First Lady of expensive wrist watches Breguet (30 thousand dollars — a yellowish gold, 128 diamonds, natural mother of pearl and silver, etc.). It was also reported that the wife of Dmitry Medvedev, there are other watches of the same brand, poordinarnee (10-15 thousand dollars). Earlier in the publication of the photo was splashed Medvedev hours of the same brand (32,200 U.S. dollars) during the 1 st of visits to Ukraine Medvedev was seen in Glashutte watches for Another $ 28,100 he has at least 18 per Franck Muller Thousands of U.S. and Jaeger-LeCoultre (8 th) At the same time the official income of the presidential couple are comparable with the income of the Prime Minister.

On the question of "Vedomosti" of the hours of the Prime Minister's press secretary said that this is the wrong question, because "As for his personal life premiere." But the Prime Minister and the President — the officials are obliged to report on their own income, and if their costs exceed revenues obvious — it is not a question of privacy and the issue of corruption.

Apartments and cars

On this background the suschimi trinkets are officially declared apartments and cars of the first persons of the country. Two apartments Dmitry Medvedev in Moscow (174 and 364.5 sq. m.) And one in St. Petersburg. In the greater metropolitan apartment has 4 bedrooms, study and dining room, a chic living room, 3 toilets, cast columns of rock crystal, marble floor. Kazhdomesyachnye maintenance costs of the apartment — about 5 thousand dollars price of the apartment — 5-7 million ($ 150-210 million rubles.). Vladimir Putin officially has virtually no real estate — apartment 77 meters, a small plot of ground and a garage. Of cars — brand new "Field" Putin, rarity "Victory", Medvedev, a few old car at the prime minister and his caravan as "Skiff". At Svetlana Medvedeva has its own "Volkswagen Golf" 1999 In general, having a fleet of yachts, dozens of residences, the park's most luxurious cars, paid from the state budget or state corporations, can not in particular about all this fuss.


Systemic corruption threatens national security of the Russian Federation. Capital flight (in 2010 more than 38 billion dollars), the lack of investment in the first non-oil sector to stimulate the reincarnation of in the raw material appendage of not only the West, but even China.

Emigration from Russia 300 thousand people a year, priemuschestvenno businessmen, professionals, educated youth, dramatically reduces business activity in the country.

The monopolization of the economy, it is concentrated in the hands of friends and acquaintances Putin leads to a rapid increase in prices for products and services, lowers the standard of living of the people of the country.

The dependence of the courts from the executive leads to lawlessness, lack of rights of the population.

The colossal corruption in Russia is pushing rapidly third world. About any upgrades, Innovative Economy for African corruption is not out of the question.

The country urgently needs a state programm to combat corruption.

Party of People's Freedom offers:

In the political sphere

  1. Restrict on the president, governors and mayors with 2 terms — not only in a row, and with a break. For this purpose you need to make an amendment to the Constitution and laws prohibiting the presence in these positions for more than eight years, the return to power.
  2. Cancel the actual political censorship. First — on television and in the mass media.
  3. Free elections to return the good faith with a role in a real political opposition.
  4. Return the election of governors and mayors.
  5. Ensure the institution of parliamentary investigations.
  6. Achieve real independence of the judiciary and accountability for the decisions of the arbitrators.

In the legislative field

  1. Oblige officials to declare not only the revenues, and expenses as property. In the event of non-compliance costs and property income property confiscated by the court.
  2. Ratify the 20 th article of the UN Declaration on combating corruption. This article refers to the confiscation of property of corrupt officials in the event of non-compliance costs and income property. That is why Putin's government refused to ratify
  3. Introduce additional legislative safeguards to prohibit relatives of officials to engage in business activities in the areas where these bureaucrats provide regulation (then type stories Luzhkov — Baturina will not in principle).
  4. Adopt a law on the publication of mandatory and at least some access to all citizens, without exception, the decisions of the authorities. The documents classified as "secret" should be limited to issues of national defense and security. Hidden decisions should be subject to parliamentary control.

In the field of law enforcement

  1. Conduct independent investigation of Putin and his companions — officials and businessmen for corruption. The results of the investigation, to publicize.
  2. Reform the Interior Ministry, the Federal Security Service, the Prosecutor's Office.
  3. Social package for law enforcement officials should provoke a fair and long-term operation.

In the economic sphere

  1. Reduce the number of officers by 800 thousand people. Exactly what the number by which the bureaucracy has grown over the years of Putin's rule.
  2. The Prime Minister must be immediately and managing competition authority. The main task of the control of government — the criterion of equal protection of competition, avoidance of market monopolization, support of small and medium-sized businesses.
  3. Abolish state corporation. An investigation into their activities. Investigate the activities of the control and management of municipal monopolies, including "Gazprom" and "Transneft", on the subject of corruption component.
  4. Conduct corporatization and privatization in the free market of state municipal property, leaving only the state control of natural monopolies. Lowering the bit of the country's economy will reduce the impact of government officials on business decisions, and the means — corruption.
  5. Any increase in taxes. Cancel increase public tax to 34% as corruption, escapist business in the shadows.

These measures are guaranteed in rather short time will lead to a lowering of the level of corruption in Guinea-Bissau to the Eastern European (Georgia). For these, you need only one thing — political will and honesty of higher management of the country. In today's government neither one nor the other. And we have.

Party of People's Freedom

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