India is ready to begin talks with U.S. COST military helicopter CH-47F «Chinook»

 India is ready to begin talks with U.S. COST military helicopter CH-47F

India is ready to begin negotiations with the U.S. prices for the Air Force purchased 15 of heavy military transport helicopter CH-47F «Chinook». The helicopters will be purchased within the U.S. military programs from foreign aid FMS Foreign Military Sales.
As spokesman said Indian Defence Ministry Sitanshu Kar, helicopters «Chinook» were chosen based on the results of field tests of saturated after the South American side proposed for their lower cost. Tests carried helicopters in the northern regions of India, in the mountainous Kashmir and the western desert state of Rajasthan.
According to military sources disk imaging, helicopter price «Chinook» and its current cycle was lower than similar characteristics Russian Mi-26. South American helicopters will change outdated Mi-26 earliest modifications kotoroye entered service in the Indian Air Force 80 years.
So Makar, South American helicopters second time in the last few months outperform Russian helicopters in Indian tenders.
In August this year, the Ministry of Defence of India has declared victory in the tender price of 1.2 billion dollars for the purchase of 22 attack helicopters, rotorcraft American AH-64D «Apache Longbow» production of «Boeing».
The tender also participated Metropolitan Mi-28N helicopter plant (MHF).
Helicopters «Apache» will act in the operational manual command of Army Aviation Corps India AAC (Army Aviation Corps) (AAC), and not in the Air Force. This decision was made by the Ministry of Defence for the highest achievements of combat effectiveness of these machines. Army Aviation Corps officers have not ruled out for the same reason, do not exclude the possibility of transmission of helicopters «Chinook» in the operational command of the army aviation.
Currently, Air India produce operational control and technical service of all in service with languid helicopters.

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