India: tidal waves, flooding coastal waters have caused panic

People keep their way along a flooded road near Alappuzha Beach after the waves hit the coast, and thus flooded several buildings and other places along the coast on Friday.



February 25. Several buildings and roads of the coastal belt of Alappuzha (Alappuzha — the ancient port city of the Indian state of Kerala, which is famous for a very spectacular boat regatta, which is held annually on the second Saturday in August on Lake Vembanad, also called "Venice of the East" — annotated. Translator) remained flooded after huge waves hit the coast shortly after 3 pm on Friday.


According to the district authorities, raising sea water due to the efforts of the tides, which have arisen as a consequence of the huge waves that caused panic among the population and flooded more than 100 homes, especially in the area of the railway station Ward Alappuzha municipality and Purakkade near Ambalappuzha (A small town in Alappuzha — annotated. Translator), because of which the inhabitants were forced to evacuate.


After reports were received raising sea water several schools near the beach closed early. Growing on the shoreline coconut trees were uprooted, according to the fishermen go to sea, as heavy seas in only one area was the first time in nearly 10 years.



On the coast of Alappuzha could observe the change of the sea, as well as the high waves, hides a 150-year Navy Pier.


A large number of people gathered on the shore to watch the phenomenon described, while the employees of the local emergency services were forced to help people whose homes were flooded.


District Collector P. Venugopel (District collector — it's official, whose duties include managing the area entrusted to him, — annotated. Translator), Chairman Hall Diana Makido and other officials visited the flood affected areas.


Venugopel said that now there is no need to panic, however, he said that the local authorities are on high alert.


Translation: Anna Krasnov

Source: The Hindu


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