Indian landslides tourists caught by surprise

Landslides caused by the rains, blocked the road connection between the Himalayan city of Gangtok and Tsomgo Lake. As a result of this event, more than four thousand tourists were in Nata, Sikkim state, cut off from the destination. Local authorities report that travelers from across the country have placed on military bases for as long as the situation is resolved.

Landslides have gone to the main street, Jawaharlal Nehru, which connects Gangtok and Tsomgo Lake. Boulders began falling in the afternoon May 30, 2012, and for a couple of hours congested, which increased during the subsequent landslides. Many tourists who arrived at the lake, were able to safely get to Gangtok. Some ventured to bypass a blockage in the rain more dangerous ways. Rescue team worked hard to salvage the other tourists, but progress is hindered by the weather. Victim data has yet been received.

May 30 was open tourist season in Nat. Because of the event for safety traffic stopped for a few days.


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