Indonesia: For six months, a village flooded by 1.5 meters tidal wave

Due to the fact that the last six months, many rice fields are covered with a water layer thickness of 1.5 m, many residents of Kupang Kidul lose composure. In order to survive, some of them had to go to work as laborers in other villages.

Local residents Tochar recalls: "I do not know when I will again be able to grow rice in the field. 6 months here have nothing grows. Before the flood recedes, and now no. "

The first reports of a flooded village appeared in September 2010, and since then nothing has changed: rice fields covered with water about 1 meter thick, also flooded the village and the house in it.

Flooding was caused by the wave, befallen the village. Every rainy season water from the river to flow into the mouth and thus cause a decrease in water elevation, however, this does not happen, because the level of sea water, in turn, also increased in the channel Gulondoro Dzhabon. This causes flooding of fields and houses.

Flooding during the rainy season is particularly difficult. Not to reduce the high level of flood forces farmers to stop planting.

Flooded fields change the conditions of life of tens of villagers. Some prefer to work as laborers in other villages, some work occasionally.

In the same conditions, and was experienced in agricultural issues Kasiono. He admitted that he planted rice fields in September last year, completely destroyed by floods. Because of this, he lost 2 million lndon. Rs. This money should go to purchase seedlings and other planting material. And now he can not cultivate their fields, not only because of the financial loss, but also for the reason that his fields have turned into swamps because of standing water height of four feet (Foot equals 30.48 cm — annotated. Translator).

It is not yet clear whether the fields used for planting, while earlier in the 90 years of crop harvested two times a year, in March and September.

According to reports the conditions began to change in 2001. It was in that year the village was struck by severe flooding. High flood led to coastal flooding and turned the land into swamps. Dozens of hectares of rice fields in the region have been submerged in water. "Since we were not able to harvest twice a year, and only once," — said Kasiono.

He and other residents appealed to local authorities to help solve the problem of flooding. And local residents and farmers still rely on government assistance in solving the problem.

In order to somehow adapt to the new conditions prevailing Kasiono decided to "settle" their flooded fields catfish. What effect will this idea is unknown. If this effort is successful, it will share the idea of a new salary with the other residents of the affected areas. "So far — this is an experiment, which was conducted in flooded rice fields near the canal Gulondoro. I hope that this will bring us a profit, "- said the man, who worked in these fields.

Translation: Anna Krasnov

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