Indonesian floods again no casualties

May 9, 2012 floodwaters filled volcanic residues, flooded the city in the east of Indonesia, resulting in four people were killed (including 9-year-old boy). According to official figures, 10 people were missing and 15 were injured.
According to the National Emergency Management Agency, 11 villages have been inundated by flood waters in the province of North Maluku in the adjacent areas of the city of Ternate. After a strong nightly showers of volcanic flood ravaged village at 2 am. More than 280 people, or 58 families were evacuated to government offices and schools. Two bridges and 15 houses were completely destroyed and 173 buildings suffered considerable damage.

Flood waters contain volcanic mud from Mount Gamalama, which occupies almost the entire island of Ternate in the north Moluccas. After the rains May 9, 2012 the two rivers on the east side of the volcano burst their banks, inundating villages volcanic debris. During the last eruption, which occurred in December 2011, a column of ash was thrown to a distance of 2000 meters.


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