Indonesian Volcano Soputan became increasingly

Center mitigation of geological and volcanic disasters (PVMBG) have raised the level of danger on Mount Soputan in Minahasa regency, and the South-east Minahasa, located in the north of. Sulawesi. Now, due to increasing volcanic activity Soputan code risk is 3 for a four-point scale.

The volcano began to show serious signs of seismic activity is May 25, 2012, spewing white smoke to a height of 50 to 75 meters above the top of the mountain. Since then, the center PVMBG there were dozens of different symptoms intensify Soputana. All local residents are warned of the threat of release of cold lava flows. Therefore, people living near Ranovangko, penta, rivers and Lavia Popang is recommended not to approach the volcano closer than 6 km, and remain vigilant.
The last time the volcano erupted Soputan July 3, 2011. Eruption occurred 10 hours after the increase in risk to the code level 3. Then, in this regard, for the day was suspended local airport Sam Retulendzhi.Source:

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