Influential allies have wrestlers with global warming

Scientists have found out that around 1960 the Earth's oceans and land absorb become more greenhouse gas emissions than previously. According to experts, today on our planet is absorbed by greenhouse gases is already twice the pre-industrial era. It turns out that nature helps a person to slow down the process of climate change. That's what it said study co-author Ashley Ballantyne: "We have done very little to reduce emissions, but the Earth reaches out a helping hand." According to the data available to researchers, in 1960 the sea, plants and soil absorbed from the atmosphere 2.4 billion tonnes of CO2, and in 2010 this figure had risen to 5 billion tons. Dr. Ballantyne said the Earth's ecosystem is quite stable and capable of self-regulation. "If the earth is not to strengthen the process of assimilation of CO2, today, we would be faced with a much higher rate of warming than they are," — said the scientist. Over the past half-century assimilation of greenhouse gases nature has doubled, and their emissions have increased fourfold. It's good that the fighters of global warming is so powerful and strong ally, as nature!

Source: Phobos

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