Information on fires in the U.S. Google maps

Map of fires near Colorado Sprrings.
As the fires in the north-western part of the United States continues to represent a serious threat to the population of Utah and Colorado, the team responding to natural disasters of Google decided to make basic information about this incident to their interactive maps. They displayed all the information on the prevalence of fire B50-Point received from the U.S. Geological Survey, places the organization of the Red Cross shelters for the victims of the fires of people and animals, and new satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe. In addition to global information Google locates data obtained from local sources for more complete coverage.

The map provides a bookmark with a few layers of information on fires, there is a button that allows you to copy a reference to the current map section with all used layers. Any image can be increased by a figure on the borders and area fire. The application Google Earth, all information on the fires by loading the optical and infrared images of neighborhoods home in Waldo, to view them you must download a special file KML. All information is constantly updated, the authenticity of the facts beyond doubt.
The company is also open to any suggestions as to supplement the existing official confirmation card information. This can only make things easier to focus in what's happening not only in Colorado and Utah, but also in other parts of the world that have experienced or are natural disasters. The main thing is not to hide and not to hold the information, as some of the state.
Google collects and interactive design in the form of a map of such information since 2005, starting with data on the trajectories of Hurricane Katrina, the location of shelters, hotline number and ways of raising funds for the affected population. Next, add the service "search the individual." We are planning to launch a scheme for all known large-scale disasters.
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