Inhabitants of Rome await a catastrophic earthquake, which today must completely destroy the capital of Italy

He was allegedly predicted the famous self-taught seismologist Rafael Bendandi, who died more than 30 years ago.

According to La Repubblica, Romans ask for leave from work to take their children out of school. In Facebook there were even special teams, where the Italians agree how they will spend the day outside the city.

Some offer a picnic nearby to watch the event.

Seriously in the earthquake, few believe, but in recent months the death of the Eternal City has become a favorite topic of conversation. Who launched the first hearing of the impending disaster, it is impossible to find out. Scientists as much as try to calm agitated countrymen.

"At present, accurately predict the time and place of an earthquake is not possible. Seismographs recorded annually in Italy for more than ten thousand of these phenomena. It is possible that tomorrow in our country will a small tremor, but that does not mean anything," — assured Prof. Mauro Dolce of Civil Defense.

Supposedly predicted the death of Raphael in Rome Bendandi widely known in Italy, although the scientific community has officially recognized its false teaching. He predicted the earthquake in January 1924, in the Marche region, as well as the earthquake in Friuli, in May 1976, which killed about a thousand lives. Mussolini even Bendandi awarded knighthood for his prophecies.

Seismologists are predictions Bendandi skeptical. He claims to have developed his theory of earthquakes, linking them to the influence of planets. Although Bendandi able to guess a series of seismic events, he never published any scientific papers.

Despite all the skepticism about the prophecies Bendandi, in Italy, of the fund in his name, which is headed by physicist Paola Lagorio. In a statement to the press, she assured that Bendandi actually did not predict any earthquake in Rome and in the remaining papers after his death, this says nothing.

11 maya.Prichina rather unusual. People are scared prediction of 30 years ago, according to which the May 11, 2011 the Eternal City will be completely destroyed by a strong earthquake.

This forecast was made by self-taught seismologist Rafael Bendandi, with some of his previous predictions have come true. So many warning taken seriously — according to Italian media, time off from work today, took almost one in five residents of Rome.

Source: The first channel

Inhabitants of Rome scared prediction, according to which 11 May 2011 the Eternal City will be destroyed

11maya.Sotni thousands of Roma people are not going to work today. People are scared prediction of 30 years ago, according to which the May 11, 2011 the Eternal City will be completely destroyed by a strong earthquake. Such terrible weather owns self-taught seismologist Rafael Bendandi, but the Italians to prevent it being taken seriously.

The last few days have left thousands of residents in Rome, on the doors of many shops around the announcement of suspension of work. The fact that some of the previous prediction Bendandi come true. For example, the earthquake in the north-east of the country in 1976. Therefore, some residents of Rome, apparently decided to wait out the dangerous day in the country.

Source: The first channel

Romans fleeing the city because of earthquake prediction

Thousands of Italians leave the eternal city — Rome — due to the prediction of the earthquake, which should take place on May 11th 2011. Panic broke out at the fact that seismologist Raffaele Berdandi, who died in 1979. Supposedly predicted the Italian capital terrifying destructive earthquake of 11 May 2011., Reports BBC BBC.

Italian authorities have pointed out that such a disaster can not be predicted. In turn, the Fund Berdandi claim that the scientist did not make such a prediction, in his papers such predictions was found. On television, special programs have been urging people to stay calm. However, the assurances of the authorities and scientists did not stop the Romans, who are leaving the city itself.

R.Berdandi scientist best known for extremely accurate predictions of earthquakes. In 1923. he allegedly accurately predicted the earthquake that killed 1,000 people, calculate the disaster on the movement of the planets. In 1927. He even won the title of knight of the hands of Benito Mussolini for his services. According to rumors, shortly before his death, he predicted the earthquake on May 11 2011. and two disasters in 2012. that will threaten already over Italy.

According to Italian media, today about 18% of the Romans took time off from work. About 20 thousand students are not going to go today in schools.

Italy is located in an area of high seismic activity. Since the earthquake in 1908. g.Messinu completely destroyed, and the Russian sailors were involved in the rescue operation. Then the elements, according to various estimates, killed between 54 thousand to 62 thousand people. The last major earthquake of magnitude 6.3 occurred in L'Aquila in 2009. The disaster claimed the lives of 300 people, more than 25 thousand people were left homeless. Read more:

Inhabitants of Rome in a panic: the Eternal City may disappear

Italian astronomer Raffaele Bendandi predicted that May 11, 2011 the Italian capital may disappear from the face of the earth by a strong earthquake. Bendandi — a person known at the beginning of the last century it up in two days predicted the earthquake in the Adriatic Sea. Within the scientific community has not received the recognition astronomer, but was marked by Mussolini, who bestowed knighthood teller, according to "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

Modern Italian scientists believe the prediction Bendandi untenable, however, as noted by local newspapers, today the Roman streets are not as busy as usual. Many of the capital's residents chose to leave on the eve of the city. About a hundred thousand Internet sites were in those days devoted to discussing the impending tragedy.

According to "Radio Mayak", before the doors of many shops around the Roman announcement of suspension of work. City Hall has been forced to open a special telephone "hot line" to "reassure citizens."

The last day in Rome?

According to the prediction of the Italian capital can disappear May 11

Viacheslav Prokofiev
"Rossiyskaya Gazeta" — federal issue № 5474 (98)
11.05.2011, 00:30

Today, many Roman streets were not as busy as usual.

And the car, because of which the Italian capital and then stops in traffic, it is much less.

What is it? Yes, in fact, that many of the capital's residents chose to leave on the eve of Rome. Who in the military call up, and some took a vacation for a couple of days at their own expense. All acted according to the principle: "Better safe than sorry."

The reason for this, if not massive, it is nonetheless a significant outcome in a panic, caused by chilling rumors that on 11 May for Rome will be the "last day" and it will disappear from the face of the earth due to the unprecedented power of the earthquake. Equally strong, shared his fears in social networks some World Wide Web, as well as the fact that it destroyed L'Aquila in 2009. Others recalled the recent disaster in Japan, and advised citizens not only to get out of Rome, but all of Italy. About a hundred thousand Internet sites were in those days devoted to discussing the impending tragedy.

Where did the dreadful news? From some of the reports that their source — the prediction of local astronomer Raffaele Bendandi, who died in 1979 at 86 years of age.

This self-taught scientist — a figure well known in Italy. And the popularity he received in 1924, when the error in two days predicted the earthquake in the Adriatic Sea close to the Italian coast. Then it caused considerable damage to the Marches. Although the scientific community has not received the recognition Bendandi, it was celebrated Mussolini granted him knighthood. Much later, in 1976, Bendandi predicted another earthquake, less destructive, in the north of the Apennines in the Friuli. And once again hit the mark.

So you see, the reasons for concern, and can be, for panic seems to exist. If at least two "but".

First, according to the statement, the Director of the Institute for the Study of the remaining work Bendandi Peskarelli Paola Lagorio, "no predictions related to future earthquakes," a self-taught scientist did not leave. Virtually all of his written works, according to the director, devoted more magnetic storms, and no seismic events.

Second, no less weighty "but" by the Italian scientists from the National Institute of Geophysics and Seismology. They unanimously declare that no need to panic at all, because there is, in principle, all the more so in the years ahead to predict such events possible.

As for Raffaele Bendandi techniques, the scientists call it "untenable." After all, self-taught theory has been developed by which seismic events on Earth are directly related to how aligned planets in the solar system. In many Italian television programs, radio, the last week, seismologists explain to citizens that the gravitational effects have no relation to earthquakes: they provoked deep processes in the Earth. But, alas, to anticipate the desired degree of accuracy while no one in the state.


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