Intercontinental ballistic land-based missiles in Russia and abroad (rating)

The news agency «Weapons of Russia» continues to publish ratings of weapons and military equipment. Now experts have estimated intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) RF and foreign countries.

Comparative evaluation was conducted on the subsequent characteristics:

Firepower (number of warheads (BB), the total capacity of the BB, the highest range, accuracy — CWE)
constructive perfection (launch mass, overall properties, the conditional density rockets — launch mass ratio to the volume of transport and launch container (TPC))
operation (method based — mobility missile system (PGRK) or placement in silos (silos), mezhreglamentnogo time period, the possibility of extending the warranty period)

Sum scores for all characteristics gave an overall assessment of the comparison ICBMs. With all this taken into account that any ICBM, taken from statistical collections, comparing with other MDBs, evaluated based on the technical requirements of their own time.

The abundance of land-based ICBMs so great that only included a selection of ICBMs that are adopted in the current time and having a range greater than 5500 km., — And there are such only in China, Russia and the U.S. (England and France refused ICBMs placing them only on submarines).

Participated in the rating 13 ICBM Russia, the U.S. and China.


By the number of points the first four places were:

1. RF ICBM R-36M2 «Governor» (15A18M code START — RS-20V, to systematize NATO — SS-18 Satan (Rus «Satan»))

Intercontinental ballistic land-based missiles in Russia and abroad (rating)

The main tactical technical properties (TTC)

Entered service, city — 1988
Fuel — liquid
Number acceleration stages — 2
Length, m — 34.3
Greatest width, m — 3.0
Launch mass, m — 211.4
Home — Mortar (for MSE)
Throw-weight, kg — 8800
Range, km -11,000 — 16,000
By BB, power, rt-10H550-800
CWE, m — 400 — 500

Sum scores for all characteristics — 28.5

Stronger land-based ICBM is a missile complex 15A18M R-36M2 «Governor» (RVSN designation RS-20V, NATO designation SS-18mod4 «Satan». Complex R-36M2 has no equal for themselves in the technological level and combat abilities.

15A18M platform capable of carrying several dozen (20 to 36) nuclear MIRV personal guidance and maneuvering warheads. It is armed with missile PCB allowing break-layered missile defense system with the use of weapons based on new physical principles. R-36M2 are on duty in the ultra-secure silos holding resistance to shock at the level of about 50 MPa (500 kg / sq. Cm).

The design of the R-36M2 lies specifically in the ability to start a period of massive nuclear effects on the enemy position area and blocking GMD altitude nuclear explosions. Launch of an ICBM has the highest resistance to damaging factors YaV.

Rocket with the dark thermal barrier coating that facilitates the passage of clouds of a nuclear explosion. It is armed with a system of sensors sensors measure the neutron and gamma radiation, the register level and scary at the time of passing clouds missile nuclear explosion of the switching control system that stabilize the remains until the rocket from the unsafe zone, then the control system adjusts the line and cut one motion.

8-10 missiles blow 15A18M (fully loaded) provide 80% of the liquidation of the industrial potential of the United States and much of the population.

2. U.S. ICBM LGM-118A «Peacekeeper» — MX

Intercontinental ballistic land-based missiles in Russia and abroad (rating)

The main tactical technical properties (TTC)

Entered service, city — 1986
Fuel — solid
Number acceleration stages — 3
Length, m — 21.61
Greatest width, m — 2.34
Launch mass, m — 88,443
Home — Mortar (for MSE)
Throw-weight, kg — 3800
Range, km — 9600
By BB, power, rt — 10H300
CWE, m — 90 — 120

Sum scores for all characteristics — 19.5

More powerful and perfect South American ICBM — three-stage solid rocket MX — 10 was armed with a capacity of 300 kt. She had overestimated resistance to PFYAV and had the ability to overcome the existing ABM Limited international contract.

MX had the largest capacity in the midst of an ICBM accuracy and the strong possibility of hitting the target. At the same time themselves MX based solely improved ICBM silos «Minuteman» inferior to the Russian security silos. According to American professionals MX 6 — 8 times that of the martial abilities «Minuteman-3.»

Total 50 missiles were deployed MX, who carried on combat duty in the state of 30-second launch readiness. Retired in 2005, rockets and all equipment are GMD conservation. The variants use MX for applying high-precision non-nuclear strikes.

3. ICBMs RF PC-24 «Yars» — Russian solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile mobile home with reentry warhead

Intercontinental ballistic land-based missiles in Russia and abroad (rating)

The main tactical technical properties (TTC)

Entered service, city — 2009
Fuel — solid
Number acceleration stages — 3
Length, m — 22.0
Greatest width, m — 1.58
Launch mass, m — 47.1
Home — Mortar
Throw-weight, kg — 1200
Range, km — 11000
By BB, power, rt — 4H300
CWE, m — 150

Sum scores for all characteristics — 17.7

Structurally, the PC-24 is similar to the «Topol-M», and has three stages. Differs from the RS-12M2 «Topol-M»:
newest platform breeding units with warheads
refurbishment of some of the missile control system
increased payload

Adopt missile enters the factory transport and launch container (TPK), in which and spends his entire service. Rocket body products covered spetssostavami for reducing the impact of a nuclear explosion. Optionally further coated composition Technology «stealth».

Guidance and control system (NUS) — an autonomous control system with on-board inertial perform digital computer (OBC), possibly used celestial. Suggestive developer Capital SPC control system Instrumentation and Automation.

Implementation of the active section of the line movement declined. To improve the high end features in the third stage of working out, maybe use a turn with the direction of the zero distance increment to full working off fuel supplies last stage.

Instrumentation compartment completely sealed. The missile is able to overcome congestion at the start of a nuclear explosion, and to make the software maneuver. For testing rocket likely equip telemetry system — receiver-T-737 «Triad».

Means to counter missile, the missile is equipped with a complex reaction. From November 2005 to December 2010, tests were made to counter missile defense systems with the introduction of missile «Topol» and K65M-R.

4. ICBMs RF UR-100N UTTH (GRAU index — 15A35 code START — RS-18B, to systematize NATO — SS-19 Stiletto (Eng. «Stiletto»))

Intercontinental ballistic land-based missiles in Russia and abroad (rating)

The main tactical technical properties (TTC)

Entered service, city — 1979
Fuel — liquid
Number acceleration stages — 2
Length, m — 24.3
Greatest width, m — 2.5
Launch mass, m — 105.6
Start — gasdynamic
Throw-weight, kg — 4350
Range, km — 10000
By BB, power, rt — 6H550
CWE, m — 380

Sum scores for all characteristics — 16.6

IDB 15A35 — two-stage intercontinental ballistic missile, made in a «tandem» with alternate stage separation. The missile has a very dense and actually assembling the lack of «dry» compartments. According to official statistics, in July 2009 had 70 Russian Strategic Missile Forces deployed ICBMs 15A35.

Last division previously was in liquidation, but the decision of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev in November 2008, the liquidation process terminated. Division as before will be on duty with the IDB to re-15A35 to the «new missile systems» (apparently — or «Topol-M» or RS-24).

Apparently, in the not to distant future the number of missiles 15A35, standing on duty, will be further curtailed right to stabilize at about 20-30 pieces to fit purchased missiles. Missile system UR-100N UTTH is only reliable — conducted 165 test and combat training launches of them only three were bad.

South American magazine «Air Force Association Rocketeer» referred missile UR-100N UTTH «one of the more outstanding technical developments» Cool War «. First complex, since UR-100N missiles was put on combat duty in 1975 with a warranty period of operation of 10 years. During its development have been implemented all the best design solutions, recycled from past generations «hectare».

Then achieved in the operation of advanced ICBM complex UR-100N UTTH highest reliability characteristics missiles and complex as a whole have allowed the military-political management of the country to put before the Russian Defense Ministry, General Staff command SRF and head developer through NGOs Engineering puzzle gradual extension of the operation of the complex with 10 to 15, then 20, 25 and, finally, to 30 years and beyond.

During the rating used public data sources online.
Created by Stanislav Zakarian

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