Intestinal infection continues to kill

The number of victims of intestinal infection in Germany has reached 18 people. Laboratory studies revealed an aggressive strain that has killed died on Wednesday 80-year old patient in Mecklenburg.

"It is a combination of genes, which we've never seen before," — said bacteriologist Holger Rohde on the website of German magazine "Focus". Experts say the virus is a mosaic — a multicellular organism that combines the properties of the two pathogens. Promote the development of these agents in patients with dangerous hemolytic-uremic syndrome, which leads to renal failure.

German Clinic for the first time started to keep a register of all cases of infection with Escherichia coli and collect data on observations of disease progression in patients.

As the president of the German Society of Nephrology Reinhard Brunkhorst, the database file containing all patients suffering from so-called hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS).

Involved in the project 15 clinics, including Hamburg, Hanover and Kiel, who, in addition, inform each other about availability for new patients.

Meanwhile, the situation around the disease, said Russia's chief sanitary doctor Gennady Onishchenko. In fact, in Europe, a tragedy, he said. And most of all she touched Germany. Onishchenko said that in December was a very serious problem with contamination of beef, poultry, milk dioxin. It is a poison that causes cancer. "That is, we can say today that the European agricultural sector is something wrong. Because these two major systemic problems that have emerged suggest that there is a glitch in the system, and not in some individual cases" — emphasizes Onishchenko. Currently, CPS has denied entry to Russia vegetables from the EU.


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