Investigation into illegal logging brought in Khabarovsk

The police have opened a criminal investigation into illegal logging in Lazo Khabarovsk Territory, the damage from which exceeded 15 million rubles, according to an online environment of the Russian Federation Ministry of Internal Affairs in the region.

It is reported that illegal logging area last week found the staff of the department Russian Interior Ministry in the area of the Lazo Forest Management Khabarovsk Krai and the Russian Federal Security Service in the Khabarovsk region during a joint raid. In 114 the first quarter of Lazo district forest logging in place of criminal found and seized about 175 cubic meters prepared for removal of valuable timber species — oak, ash, linden, elm, and automotive vehicles, portable cabins and chainsaws.

"According to experts, the damage caused by illegal logging timber resources amounted to 15.5 million rubles. Given the evidence the investigation department of the Russian OMVD Lazo region opened a criminal case under article" illegal cutting of forest plantations "- according to the information.

Notes that set the persons involved in the commission of the crime. Wood removals transferred for safekeeping.

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