Iran mulls ALTERNATIVES S-300

Iran mulls ALTERNATIVES S-300
Tehran considers the substitution of Russian anti-aircraft missile system S-300, said mon agency Fars senior Iranian MP. Writes about it now AFP.
In 2007, Our homeland has signed an agreement with Iran for the supply of five S-300 systems in the amount of 800 million dollars (590 million euros).
In 2010, then-Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to cancel the contract due to UN sanctions and strong pressure from the U.S. and Israel over Tehran’s nuclear applets.

«We had a meeting with the Iranian ambassador in Russia and negotiations over supplies in return for the S-300 system,» Fars quoted the head of the parliamentary defense committee Ismail mowers (Esmaeel Kosari).
«Group of the Ministry of Defence has already gone to Russia, another group will also travel to discuss this issue,» said mowers.
But his comments about other systems to replace the C-300 does not agree with the position of Minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif (Mohammad Javad Zarif).
«We as before insist on implementation of previous agreements … Taking into account the very excellent links between Iran and Russia, we hope to solve the problem of the applicable method,» Zarif said in December.
Due to the cancellation of the contract, Iran filed a lawsuit against the Russian Federation in the international court in Geneva.
Western countries have imposed sanctions against Iran because of suspected military nuclear programs from its disposition, despite Tehran’s repeated statements that his programm is peaceful disposition.
In November, an agreement was reached providing for the reduction of the Iranian nuclear programs from 6 months in exchange for some relief and the promise of sanctions by Western countries not to impose new economic sanctions.
On Sunday, the parties agreed to implement the plan on January 20.

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