Is it time to include the brain?

Is it time to include the brain?

I wish to continue the discussion on the topic of elections, initiated by me in the preceding article. Well, that at this point may be more important than the upcoming March 4 vote. Especially since the situation is heating up. February 23, will take to the streets of Moscow Vladimir Putin's supporters. After a number of days and own march meeting want to spend a non-systemic opposition. I think that will not be left out of this process, the party whose favorites — in the middle of the contenders for the presidency.

I myself was a member of one of the last manifestation of this kind. Frankly, stood bowed what it said to me closely. On for myself felt like it attracts, as if what-a man walks into a drug together with the total energy of the crowd. As a professor psychologist can explain the nature of the phenomenon. But I will do it sometime in the subsequent time if my friends on the Internet space it will be interesting.

At the same time I wish to think about this. Whatever listened to people from the podium of the rally, no matter what mood he's not engorged, but that elections were really honest, he would have to go on 4 March at the polling station. He will come back unaccompanied not so long ago, they heard speakers. In the voting booth this man would be one-on- one with the ballot. The decision on how to proceed further — he will have to accept yourself, without the help. Because the same man vote, which will have a decisive impact on his choice?

I remember in the nineties, in the next presidential elections in the middle of Boris Yeltsin's supporters was a popular slogan: "Vote with your heart!" I perfectly understand why the campaign headquarters Yeltsin seized on this slogan. The country lay in ruins, the citizens are impoverished in the extreme and across the country meetings were being held with the requirements of the payment of salaries. Yeltsin's team had nothing to offer. In such a situation, if the citizens really turned his own mind, if voted in his head, on reflection, that's what, is still not clear with what would be the result if the election ended.

Now, if perceive, the situation is almost identical in all. The opposition, bringing people into the streets, do not offer them anything, any decisions on more pressing political, economic or social dilemmas. The opposition does not call people to think for itself that pushes them to vote and, in fact, only one requirement — give us honest elections. Call addressed to the heart, not the mind.

And who came up with it, that's fundamental. Boris Nemtsov? Lost a few times a senior's own namesake on the tennis court, and was deputy prime minister. This is — a bona fide career ended a mining camp near the walls of white houses? Alexei Navalny, honestly retrained in the walls of the Yale Institute? What famous Vladimir Ryzhkov, when he was the deputy of the State Duma, which for him are registered in good faith and generous deeds for the good of Russia and Russians? When I see them in the middle of Ksenia Sobchak, I do not even care how she honestly made his career presenter, I hunt to know: This lioness comes to the society salons meeting on the subway?

Who are all these people, and joined them Kasyanov, Kasparov Udaltsov, Parfenova Akunin, that the most natural method to assign a raider for itself the right to read on behalf of the people, and the means and on my behalf? Neither I, nor, much less, Russian people, they are not delegated such rights. But, nevertheless, they use it.

The rally was honored to speak not, because at this time, exercise the right read, even from themselves. Citizens: Before you go to the polling station — turn the mind and only later vote!

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