Is there a looking glass?

Natalia BEKHTEREV, AcademicThis remarkable woman — a thinker, an outstanding scholar, teacher — no need to submit separately. Academician Natalya Petrovna Bekhterev know everything. And not only because she is the granddaughter of the great psychiatrist Vladimir Mikhailovich spondylitis. Natalya Petrovna walked all the circles of hell that befell her generation. And it is not broke. She inherited his grandfather's resistance, so in the end succeeded in the most difficult area of knowledge — the physiology of the human brain. And has received worldwide acclaim.In 1937 he was arrested and shot her father Petr Bechterev, son of the great psychiatrist. Among the other children left without parents, Natasha spondylitis passed through the orphanage and snowy winter of the siege. After seven years of children of "enemies of the people" were sent to re education of the factories. Left alone only the best students. Fortunately, Natalya Petrovna to be the best there is no difficulty — either at the time or for all subsequent zhizni.No talent in our long-suffering homeland can not be forgiven. On the up his career spondylitis was the victim of anonymous letters. Officials of the Commission obkomovskoy VI Grebenuk threatened to erase the unruly into a powder and turned into camp dust! But an anonymous letter with all the efforts of the Commission Grebenyk could not be confirmed, but the "case" pulled two months. Of course, none of the investigators did not bother to apologize to the slandered woman. Where there! "Heirs of Stalin" were still in sile.Kak sadly aware, but our new time is not taught us to protect talent. A few years ago spondylitis again under attack now from the pages of "Izvestia". The occasion? The son of Natalia Petrovna became director of the institute. As if he does not in itself may be a talented man!
Betrayed all those who had formerly been the most loyal. The only magazine "In the world of women" raised his voice in defense of the honor and dignity of spondylitis. Alas, the echoes of all this unseemly stories are heard and now … Despite the harsh trials of life, not bypassed, unfortunately, and the family of Natalia Petrovna, this woman has not lost its hope and optimism. This is evidenced by the completed her confessional book "On the human brain. Reflections on the Home, "in which he appears in a completely new quality — man, capable, despite his high position in science, to talk about what is commonly rejected by scientists put in science" the problem of the Looking-Glass "7 July 1994 H . P. Behterevoj 70 years old. Hero of the day — a very serious man to conceal the venerable round date. «UFO-ONLINE» joins many others in congratulating Natalya Petrovna and wishes her to live and good health!
We are very grateful to Academician N. Behterevoj, trust us the right to publish a chapter in the new book. We are pleased to offer it to our readers.Science — Is always moving forward. Science itself, the knowledge of our world, without regard to the hands, which are some of the features of its achievements — it's always "to the stars." Especially practical is deep, fundamental science, and in any field of knowledge. Many things in our field is already known, and the recent "just the facts" are parts of the system. Is known thanks to the success of the method is that it seemed unknowable — and now, and maybe at all. Preserving its complex area of science, already past the hard way, from — let's say — unnecessary criticism, I tried to stay away from the so-called "strange" phenomena. However, recent years have been passed in my life to be extremely tragic and literally forced to think about their human and scientific debt — and that, in execution, especially scientific duty may not have time to do something that no one else dares to do and that even so, really — MY dolg.Ya lifetime studying the living human brain. And like everything, including people from other specialties inevitably faced with a "strange phenomena". And very much — a fake, a charlatan, a lot just seems odd, and can be explained now, and so many "supernatural" (strange) becomes natural. But not all. "There is not much earth, Horatio …" And that's a lot, that however is not, that almost everyone knows, but the bypass or silence, or into the battle with criticism and labels, I also tell here. Because I do not want to pretend that it is not. Because I hope — the time will come and "strange things" will be more easily understood, by the way, cut off the road and charlatans of all stripes. Because only by taking them into account — and, of course, not everything I write, and much of what I write, it will be possible to imagine a more complete picture of how well a person thinks? And it may be that such a person? When I talked about how e neurophysiological studies, we came to a kind of "plateau", which, as I wrote earlier, there does not mean it will operate, but only reduced the probability of a breakthrough in the study of the brain, it was a question of whether the combination of neurophysiological and neurochemical studies in vivo brain. Study of its macro and micro Units space on obtaining information about what is happening in the micron region, and what is developing in the volume of the whole brain. Well here was the combination of methodological future use of implanted electrodes and positron emission tehniki.Odnako, at the time when this complex we have not been, I became interested in the phenomenon, which it is not accepted to engage in "serious" research — those which may be designated as special cases — "strange" phenomenon: the super strong influence of one person to another or others in a given situation, at what impact not only on the mental, but also somatic sphere, vision distant events past, present — and (as already any gate not climbing!) future. And more. Semi popular literature after the establishment of re animation services are increasingly filled with reports on the output of something ("soul"?) From the body — and the return of it, of course, in the case of recovery. This is described by various experts, though there is not in all patients. Why? A well-known neurosurgeon after two clinical deaths to the question: what is it? replied the black hole there … Only a "crash cart" is a phenomenon? Or exit of the soul from the body can be observed and not close to death? But — and more. Also seemed incredible reports of contacts with those individuals (or souls of those) who passed away … In short, Through the Looking Glass. Against healthily-damaging effects in the distance made our Church against the resuscitation of phenomena-American version of the Orthodox Church. However, in a conversation with Bishop John, Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga, sounded very different accents. We talked about as if he entered St. Petersburg unit, very necessary to us for diagnosis of patients with diseases of the brain, for us — the utility to aozitronno emission tomography. Instrument we have received, we were on the lord has his own plans, but you are interested in our thoughts about a breakthrough in the difficult field of cognitive science. In accordance with the formula adopted in the Church, the lord of a sudden I said, "I bless you in this research." As I explained then, is about the same as in the social life of an order for action. Not just the approval of scientific interest in the strange phenomena, but an order to study ih.Davayte, reader, stick to the topic. I will try to tell you why I ordered this blessing-attach importance. And by the way, did bolshoe.Chto serpent and Eve in Paradise? Eve under the influence of snake (the evil forces!) Ate of the tree
of knowledge … Well then, as you know, started all the trouble and Eve seduced by it Adama.Drevo, the knowledge of good and evil. Science. Science, saving human nature, bearing good to people — and science, to intervene in the life of humanity with immediate and distant in time evil, destructive nature, right down to the life on earth. Electricity, lighting up our home, and a nuclear power plant, which gives the necessary energy for this. Laser in all its embodiments. Correction of error in the genetic economy of the body — and., Well, it is well known newspaper and potentially (I hope) the possible "horrors" of genetic engineering. How tragic life of parents of the sick child — at home if he was in the house whether for the disabled. And how scary can be invincible bacterium virus.Tak yet why am I so appreciate the blessing of Metropolitan? Educated, modern and deeply religious Archbishop John does not close the road to the unknown, that oh, so just in words — and absolutely real in life. He gives it to the unknown in our hands, knowing it is likely that for us — it is rather negative publicity than advertising and, of course, the approach to be the most gentle, nothing will be used in zlo.I still one more digression. I do not know that there is a coincidence that — law. But in all those rare occasions when we really were approaching a breakthrough, "went on break" in not known, all around us — and, in particular, around me — started some kind of more or less nasty snowstorm — a set of social and personal troubles. About the same races they say, and some other scientists — particularly those involved in the reversibility of time (AA Grib, Professor — Head. Department of Mathematics University of Finance and Economics.) Is there a material beginning? It seems to me that it is very important here, Through the Looking Glass, carefully separate the "pure from the impure," a simple material of our vast and complex world, strange, but existing yavleniya.Kogda I analyzed their "breakthroughs" and its "blizzard" in many years, allowing to take an objective not only to others, but to myself, I came to the conclusion that we should consider widen the application of wise sayings: "Smart blames himself for a fool — a comrade." The fact is that in a minute (sometimes — for a long time, in years) of creative impulse, the one in which alone may break through into the unknown, new, not to mention the looking glass, people change. It would seem that truism! The scientist, of course, is in a different position — lifting, blessing, outwardly manifested in a bit of pride, a kind of self-respect. Pride in not yet done? Pride for the opportunity to make a breakthrough? Is this the "hubris", which leads the list of the seven deadly sins? I hope that is not true, but … And the storm swirls around a scientist, causing it to himself that he had changed. I am a very long time has come to these thoughts. Now suppose, yes, so maybe. I even think that the way it is, even though I was given a very hard time and this awareness and this recognition. But, of course, recognition is easier than awareness, pony manie causes of social and biological snowstorm. Although it is unlikely that all these exhausted, of course, things are not so simple … (By the way, grows respect for the man when he said those last words …)


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