Israel loses fisheries


22.12.11. Over the past ten years, the number of marine fish off the coast of Israel has decreased by 40%. According to experts of the Department of the Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries and scientists, the cause of the incident — uncontrolled fishing.

Naaretz cites the opinion of a professor at Tel Aviv University, Menachem Goren. According to him, the fishermen use trawls, which sweeps away everything in its path. The damage they cause to the ecosystem of the sea floor is filled in just a few years. In networks killed many small fish, mollusks and crustaceans, which have no commercial value, and therefore simply thrown back into the sea.

Turkey, as well as many other countries in the Mediterranean basin have taken strict measures to limit fishing and has already made an impact. For comparison, the fish that ends up in a network of Israeli fishermen are five times smaller than fish of the same species, caught off the coast of Turkey.

The Department of Fisheries has announced that next year will be significantly reduced the number of fishing licenses. In addition, in some areas fishing is generally prohibited, in order to restore the population of fish.

Of course, only the employees of the Ministry of Agriculture will be unable to keep order in closed areas — wrote Haaretz, but they hope to help the Ministry of Transport and the Marine Police.

Earlier this year, completed the "Battle of the Sea of Galilee." Agriculture was about a two-year ban fishing in the Sea of Galilee and its tributary rivers there, but it turned out that there was no scientific basis for such harsh measures not.


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